The iPads have landed

Today during Fun Friday there were a lot of students eager to try out our four new iPads…

As you can see some of the students had their eyes glued to their iPad!

Grade 4s                                             

          UnblockMe is a great problem-solving game



Sophie and Ella enjoyed playing Tic Tac Toe and creating new animals with MouseFish

Tic Tac ToeMouseFish








Louise helped them out with a game of Solitaire



Hannah and Bianca spent their time being very creative with DoodleBuddy


Fun Friday Lunchtimes

Fun Friday is the day the noise level goes up in the LRC at lunchtime. The board games come out and you can see students enjoying games of chess, draughts, snakes and ladders, bingo, jigsaw puzzles and even the odd game of poker! Some students are even bringing in their own games. It’s great to see students from various grade levels playing with each other. Students are still welcome to come in and read and draw as long as they don’t mind a bit more noise than on Whisper Wednesdays.

Fun Friday in the LRC on PhotoPeach

What do you enjoy about Fun Friday?

Whisper Wednesday Lunchtimes

Whisper Wednesday is our quiet lunchtime in the LRC. Students enjoy reading their books on our comfy couches and chairs, on the floor sharing a book with a partner and some students have even snuck into a secluded spot in my “office” on the stage to read. We also have our resident budding illustrators as well as students who come in to do homework or finish school work. Students on the computers use headphones. It was very funny one lunchtime when a person accidentally pulled a plug out and the noise from the computer made us all jump because it had been so quiet!!

Whisper Wednesday in the LRC on PhotoPeach
If you are one of our Whisper Wednesday regulars what do you enjoy most about Whisper Wednesdays?