A Guest post by Matthew C…

Ever wanted to build your own creations? Well Minecraft is the best option for you.

Minecraft is an excellent game for creative people.  It is one of the most creative games ever! You can build villages, cities, towns and more things, even libraries in a 3D world!

There are four different types of levels to challenge you: Peaceful, Easy, Normal and Hard.

Mining is part of the game.  You can mine coal, iron, redstone, lapis lazuli, gold and diamonds.  You can use multiple building blocks  to create your buildings eg. wooden planks, bricks and glass.

I got into Minecraft because of the creativity and the building side of it.  I like architecture and that’s why I like Minecraft.

This is the main town with the city in the background
This has Mini Game Mania, McDonalds and the Library
This is the airport
This is a village I’ve made with a friend by using the multi-player function

If you are interested in finding out more about Minecraft you can ask me some questions in the Comments section.

Matthew C  6CZ

Matthew has asked me to add these pictures by Alexander T.  Alexander has created two murals – Colours of the Sky and Deep Dark Forest.  Great job Alexander!

 Thank you for your guest post Matthew.  After seeing what you have created with Lego, I’m not surprised that you also enjoy creating and building with Minecraft.  I love the Library you created for me!  I’m sure your images will inspire other students to be creative with Minecraft.