Emma Jacks is EJ12 – Girl Hero


Move over Zac Power – here comes Emma Jacks!!

Emma Jacks is busy! She has to deal with all the dramas of primary school as well as saving the world as undercover SHINE agent EJ12. Emma is a regular primary school student BUT in her undercover life as a secret agent she cracks codes, foils evil plans and goes on adventures all over the world. SHINE is a top secret organisation with a team of talented and brave agents working together to defeat the plans of the evil agency SHADOW.

We already have Book 1 – Hot and Cold and Book 2 – Jump Start. The girls who have already read these books have highly recommended them!

Visit The EJ12 Girl Hero website to play games related to EJ12’s missions, read sample chapters, enter competitions, get information about your favourite characters and gadgets and use a code talker to translate their messages into a secret code. I have also added this website to our Websites page on the LRC Blog in the Mystery and Spies section.

Crocodile Tears – Anthony Horowitz

The wait is nearly over for  Alex Rider fans.  The eighth book in the series Crocodile Tears is to be released on November 12th.

croc tears

 Here is a  preview of the story…

It’s just another day in the life of an average kid. If you’re Alex Rider, that is. A con artist has realized there is big money in charity– the bigger the disaster, the greater the money flow! So that is what he will produce: the biggest disaster known to man, all thanks to genetically modified wheat that can release a virus so potent it can knock out an entire country in one windy day. But Alex Rider will face whatever it takes–gunfire, explosions, hand-to-hand combat with mercenaries– to bring down his most dangerous adversary yet.

Secret Agent – Jack Stalwart

Quite a few of our boys who enjoy reading the Zac Power series have also discovered  the Jack Stalwart series.  Jack Stalwart is a nine year old Secret Agent  for the Global Protection Force.  Jack travels the world solving mysteries and using amazing gadgets.  Visit the Jack Stalwart website to find out more about Jack by clicking on objects in his room or use the Watch Phone to navigate the site.



Do you have a favourite Jack Stalwart mystery?

Zac Power

  zac_powerZac Power books are hot property in our LRC!  Now that Zac Power books are being written for younger readers I’m sure he will become even more popular.  The series for younger readers is the Zac Power Test Drive series

Every month ZacPower.com has a new competition posted on the site. Each competition goes for one month and is open to all Zac Power fans around the world. There are 20 winners in each competition and winners are always contacted by email within 5 days of the competition close.

Find out more about Zac and at his website here at Zac Power  

 Do you have a favourite Zac Power mission or gadget?