New adventures for Jinny & Cooper

Many of our Year 3 students are big fans of the Jinny & Cooper series by Tania Ingram and are very excited that the next two books are finally here! Especially 3MC who had the opportunity to chat with Tania in a Google Hangout.

Watch the fabulous book trailers for Curse of the Genie’s Ring and Search for the Sea Bogle to see what magic, mystery and adventures are waiting for Jinny, Cooper and Tyrone…

You can also visit Tania’s website for some fun Jinny & Cooper colouring sheets and learn how to draw Cooper by watching his illustrator Tony Flowers.

Exciting news!


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Andy Roid by Felice Arena

When you’re half boy, half machine, it’s hard not to be a hero…

If you’re looking for action, adventure and mystery then look no further than Andy Roid!

Andy Reid was just a regular kid who thought his parents were hard working bakers until he was followed by a strange man and his life changed forever.  Now he is Andy Roid, part human, part machine with the most amazing robotics and apps.  Andy has gone from ordinary to extraordinary and he and his parents now have a dangerous enemy with Dr Baffi and the Triple S.

Have a listen…

As a boy, Felice Arena loved to use his imagination. He and his brother would become invincible superheroes by combining the powers of their favourite superheroes and fight epic battles in the backyard. Now Felice gets to use those ideas in his new Andy Roid series! Who says being an author isn’t fun!

If you were a superhero what powers would you want to have at your disposal?

The Silver Door by Emily Rodda

The Silver Door by Emily Rodda is finally here and it is definitely going to have you on the edge of your seat!

Rye thinks his other missing brother Sholto has chosen the  Silver door.  Rye bravely enters the dangerous world behind the Silver Door with his brother Dirk and the feisty Sonia.  This desolate wasteland of the Saltings and the Scour is where desperate people live including  “Bones” the skeleton man.  While trying to find both Sholto and the source of the  frightening Skimmers, Rye also discovers more about the powers of the gifts he carries in his small brown bag – the snail shell, the feather and the tiny golden key.

The action packed end of the book reveals the true enemy of Weld and sets the scene for the third and final book The Wooden Door.

The Jewel Fish Of Karnak by Graeme Base

Graeme Base’s latest book is set in Egypt and is called

The Jewel Fish of Karnak

Far, far away in Ancient Egypt, Jackal and Ibis are brought before the Cat Pharaoh to be punished for stealing from the town market. In a merciful moment, the cat Pharaoh decides to give the friends one last chance. She tells them they must journey up the River Nile to the temple of Karnak and bring back something that has been taken from her – a beautiful and precious Jewel Fish. But she has a warning for the two prisoners:

‘Do not take anything else while you are in Karnak. And be warned that the Jewel Fish is magical. Be sure it does not get wet.’

Jackal and Ibis are not very clever and ignore the Cat Pharaoh’s words by taking a few more riches for themselves . . .


Graeme Base is the master of puzzles…in this book you will find hieroglyphics, sparkling jewels and a very clever mechanical device built into the back of the book.

Watch this interview with Graeme and find out more about the story and the puzzles you will need to solve to discover and capture the Jewel Fish


Visit Graeme Base’s website and select the KARNAK icon.  Click on the image of the book  to reveal the challenge you will need to solve as you read the story…

Good luck!


Mission Fox by Justin D’Ath

Justin D’Ath has a lots of fans of his Extreme Adventure series starring Sam Fox.  Now Justin has a new series for younger readers called Mission Fox.

The main characters are brothers Harry and Jordan who are identical  twins.  They are secret agents who are dedicated to the protection, care and rescue of animals that are in danger or lost.  Together with their big, furry dog Myrtle, they form the animal rescue service Mission Fox.  Watch this book trailer to find out more about the Mission Fox books…


 You can also visit the Mission Fox website where you can meet Harry and Jordan, read about the books, check out the cool gadgets the boys use and there’s a Fun Stuff section too.

snake escapepanda chase



We have Snake Escape and Panda Chase in our  New Book display ready to be borrowed next week!