Once Upon a Slime in the LRC

Do YOU want to have fun with words and pictures?

Do YOU want to be inspired by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton?

Bring Your …




(copy of the book if you have one)

Once Upon a Slime

Who: Grade 3-6 students

Where:  The LRC

When:  Thursdays (second break)

What:  Once Upon a Slime – writing & drawing

Come and join the fun!

Drawing Mo Willems’ Famous Pigeon

The Year One classes have been having fun reading these two Mo Willems’  books  about his famous pigeon…


Would you let the pigeon drive the bus?


Today the Grade Ones learned how to draw the pigeon following these steps from Mo Willems.  Next week they will be drawing the pigeon for their own pigeon adventure…

 Have some more fun exploring Mo Willems’ website HERE

How to draw Greg Heffley by Jeff Kinney

Watch this video of Jeff Kinney drawing Greg Heffley.  I was really interested to learn that Jeff usually uses the computer to draw his characters.  Listen carefully as Jeff explains why he draws Greg the way he does and he has some great tips for budding cartoonists!

If you are inspired do some drawings of Greg over the holidays bring them into the LRC to share next term.  Happy drawing!

Stick Dudes

The Stick Dude books by Felice Arena are popular in our LRC.  We have all of the books – Water Fight Frenzy, The Secret-Fource and Champions of the World and enjoy the adventures of Ben, Marty, Johhno and Tubs.

Some of the boys in 3BY have been inspired by Felice to draw their own Stick Dudes.  Ryan S and Sam C have been working together to draw some Stick Dude adventures.  Below are two of their Stick Dude adventures.   Great work Ryan and Sam!

 Click on the pictures to make them bigger

Stick Dude rides a skateboard

Stick Dude finds a skateboard but when he tries it out things don’t quite go to plan!

      Stick Dude rides a skateboard

Stick Dude plays cricket

  Stick Dude is happy when he gets revenge and reads in the paper he is the best player!

Stick Dude plays cricke  

Stick Dude the Acrobat

Stick Dude is not quite as acrobatic as he hopes

Stick Dude - Acrobat


Olivia’s Stickman adventures…

Stickman finds a helicopter hat



Stickman – Oh Granny



You can watch some Stick Dudes videos at Felice Arena’s website

Why do YOU like reading The Stick Dudes?