How to draw Greg Heffley by Jeff Kinney

Watch this video of Jeff Kinney drawing Greg Heffley.  I was really interested to learn that Jeff usually uses the computer to draw his characters.  Listen carefully as Jeff explains why he draws Greg the way he does and he has some great tips for budding cartoonists!

If you are inspired do some drawings of Greg over the holidays bring them into the LRC to share next term.  Happy drawing!

Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce

Big Nate books are very popular in our LRC at the moment and we are about to add Big Nate Goes for Broke to our collection!  Have some fun with a sneak preview of the first three chapters of  Big Nate Goes For Broke here.

Did you know that Big Nate is actually a comic strip?  Lincoln Peirce has been drawing the Big Nate comic strip since 1991. 

Watch this video and practice drawing Big Nate for yourself.  I’d love to see some of your cartoons!

Did you know….

  • You can buy  Big Nate eBooks  to read on your iPad or iPod
  • There is a “Big Nate Comix by U”  App where you can create your own comics using Big Nate art

Find out all of this and more on the Big Nate website.