Elephant & Piggie by Mo Willems

This term the Year Ones have had lots of fun reading our Elephant & Piggie books by Mo Willems. It has also been a fun way to learn about speech bubbles and how exclamation marks help you to read with expression. 

Mo Willems’ latest Elephant & Piggie book is called I Really Like Slop! Mo made a funny book trailer for his new book that made the Year Ones very glad that they weren’t the food critics for his Slop!

The Year Ones chose ingredients to write a recipe for their own Slop and then they each added one of their ingredients for a class Slop recipe. You can read their class Slop recipes, but you may not want to try eating them! 

Slop Recipe by 1C        Slop Recipe by 1GC        Slop Recipe by 1MB

Have fun with Elephant & Piggie and Pigeon on their website by clicking on the picture below…

Do you have a favourite Elephant & Piggie book?

Drawing Mo Willems’ Famous Pigeon

The Year One classes have been having fun reading these two Mo Willems’  books  about his famous pigeon…


Would you let the pigeon drive the bus?


Today the Grade Ones learned how to draw the pigeon following these steps from Mo Willems.  Next week they will be drawing the pigeon for their own pigeon adventure…

 Have some more fun exploring Mo Willems’ website HERE

Caring for our library books

This week the Year Ones have been talking about ways we can care for our library books…

These are some of the ways we can care for our library books

Use our library bag

Have clean hands

Don’t eat or drink while reading

Turn the pages carefully from the corner

Use a bookmark

Keep our library book in a safe place at home

Put damaged books in our Book Hospital

We are lucky to have so many books to borrow from our LRC. As a borrower we are also responsible for taking care of our library books so everyone can enjoy them!

The Year Ones enjoyed watching “Don’t Let the Pigeon Read the Books”

How do you care for your library books?