Our Story Chair

When we moved into our new LRC we knew it would be the perfect time to get a new Story Chair to replace our much loved old Story Chair that was getting a bit worn out!

We wanted our Story Chair to be like an old fashioned storytelling chair, but at the same time to be colourful and stand out in our modern new LRC.  In Term 2, Miss Yeomans showed us pictures of different types of chairs to help her decide which type of chair to look for when she went chair hunting.  Miss Yeomans and Mrs Collins visited Harriet and Dan at James Richardson Furniture who helped them decide on a  “very different” type of chair to the ones they normally make there.  After lots of thinking about colours and fabrics and the best way to arrange them on the chair  the final decision was made early in Term 3.

We waited for a whole term (3 months) for our Story Chair to arrive…

On the last Wednesday of term our Story Chair FINALLY arrived!!  Miss Yeomans asked the delivery man to take it into the school Office so the students couldn’t see it being delivered and it would be a surprise.  Imagine her disappointment when the chair was brought in and it had a broken leg!!!! Miss Yeomans nearly had to get out her tissues!  The Story Chair had to go back the upholsterer…

Our Prep teacher Miss Chiodi cheered Miss Yeomans up when she said – “You wanted a Story Chair and now you have a chair with a story!”

The next day the delivery man came back with the Story Chair and its leg was fixed!  This time he delivered our Story Chair to the new LRC.  Grade 2V were on top yard and they cheered him as he carried the chair in…I don’t think he has EVER been cheered when he delivered a chair!

At long last our Story Chair has a home in our LRC and it already looks as though it has always been there….



 A very special THANK YOU to Ben, Tarquin and Amelia B’s grandmother who gifted some money to our LRC.  We have used some of this money for our Story Chair which we thought would be a wonderful legacy for her to leave the students at St Martin’s and particularly her grandchildren.


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19 thoughts on “Our Story Chair

  1. I love your new story chair! The colors are absolutely perfect. I am sure lots of great memories are going to be made in your LRC around that chair.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment about our Story Chair…all the way from Berlin, Wisconsin!

    We are looking forward to sharing many wonderful stories in our colourful new Story Chair…

    Miss Y 🙂

  3. Wow, that is a great story chair. It looks comfy and inviting. Having a broken leg gives it a history before it even arrived in the allotted story chair place. Hopefully it will have even more stories woven around it as it lives out its life in your great space.

    Mrs S

  4. Hi Mrs S

    Our Story Chair is definitely very comfy!

    I have 540 students to share it with!

    I’m sure it will become a special part of the stories we love to read and tell in our LRC…

    Miss Y 🙂

  5. Hi Miss Y,

    I absolutely love your story chair! I want one! I love the colours…it was definitely worth the wait. I love the vision of the delivery man getting cheered when he delivered the chair for the second time – priceless. I’m sure you and all the children will enjoy it for many years to come.

    Love Miss W

  6. Hi Miss W

    You are most welcome to visit our LRC and sit in our Story Chair (you just can’t take it with you!)

    The look on the delivery man’s face was priceless when 2V cheered. I told him that 540 children were waiting for our Story Chair – he was pretty chuffed about it all!

    Miss Y 🙂

  7. Hi Hannah

    Phew! I’m so glad to hear you like our new Story Chair!

    It is very colourful…you won’t be able to miss it in the LRC!

    I hope you’re enjoying your holidays…

    Miss Y 🙂

  8. To Miss Y,
    I am enjoying my holidays. On Sunday I went to the beach. The weather was really nice down there!
    In Melbourne the weather is not good. The lightning was huge on Wednesday night.
    From Hannah

  9. How perfect that some of the money left to the LRC by a grandmother has been used to purchase the Story Chair. I’m sure all grandmothers love reading stories to their grandchildren and what better way to celebrate this special time spent with grandchildren that to be remembered by a special Story Chair.

    So glad 2V were there to greet to delivery of the Story Chair. Thank you Miss Y for all the work and planning you put into making sure thw colours and style of the Story Chair add the WOW to the new LRC.

    Mrs Stewart

  10. Hi Claire

    I’m glad you think our Story Chair is pretty. Lots of children have said they like the bright colours. Some children said it looked like The Wishing Chair!

    Miss Y 🙂

  11. Hi Miss Y

    I love the new LRC. I especially love the new LRC Story

    from Sonia 😀

  12. Hi Miss Y

    I love the new story chair, it’s fantastic!!
    My mum saw it on the news letter and said it was very bright!

    Bianca 😀

  13. Hi Bianca

    It was great to see you bringing your mum into the new LRC this afternoon so she could see the Story Chair ofr herself!

    Miss Y 😀

  14. Hi Miss Y

    The Story Chair looks great with all the colours. (Megan)

    The Story Chair suits our new library. (Claire)

    I really like the Story Chair. I want one too! (Riley)

    You should come and SEE our Story Chair (Sebastian)

    From 1M 😛

  15. Hi Miss Y,
    Even though we got it last term I thought it would be a good thing to put a comment.
    It is one of the most colourful things I have ever seen. I also I like the dots on it because you can only see them from up close.


  16. Hi Mitch

    I agree – I Iike the fact that you don’t see the dots until you get up close to the Story Chair. The colours and the dots are a great combination!

    Miss Y 🙂

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