Love Your Library Month

Did you know that February is….

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To celebrate “Love Your Library” in our library at St Martin’s, students will be involved in various activities in their library classes including making bookmarks, writing Valentines to their favourite book characters and having Blind Dates with Books…stay tuned!

“Why I love our LRC…”

This is a fun activity for any students who would like to participate and share in a creative way why they love (or like) our LRC. There will be some “bookish” rewards for the most creative ideas!  Your fabulous reasons will need to be in by Friday, February 28th.

You might like to…

Write a poem or a song
Draw or paint a picture 
Use Lego, Minecraft or playdough
Use an App on your device
Make a video or a poster
Design a library card for our LRC
Come up with your own creative idea!

Why Miss Y Loves the LRC…

Our LRC is the place to be,
Children come through our doors smiling with glee.
We have fantasy, adventure, mystery and humour too,
Genres to make reading fun for me and for you.
Our Story Chair is colourful and bright,
And the Story Keeper holds books that are ‘just right’.
Cushions and beanbags to relax in and read,
Make our St Martin’s library a great place indeed!

Home again!

I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel as I walked up to the LRC on January 6th with my key in my hand.  However, I didn’t need to worry…the friendly alien was still there and greeted me with a big smile saying “Take me to your readers”. As I walked through the LRC door I was met by the familiar scent of our library and as I looked around everything seemed in its place just as as it was twelve months ago as though I had never been away…I took a deep breath, smiled and knew I was home!

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Mrs Philp who did the most wonderful job keeping the LRC running smoothly, buying books, inspiring students with her lessons, resourcing classroom teachers, organising Book Week, running the Book Fair, hosting author visits and ensuring the LRC was still “The place to be”.  I hope one day she will become a teacher librarian because we need teachers with her passion and skills in our school libraries.

In case you were wondering what I was up to in 2014.  I had a wonderful Gap Year that took me to NSW, ACT and WA with adventures and fun along the way as well as time to stop and relax and read!  These are a few of my (many) photos…

The LRC is open for borrowing this week

The LRC will be open for normal borrowing before and after school this week for Grade 1-6 classes.  So come on in and say “Hi” to Miss Y, see if you can spot any changes in the LRC  and borrow a book or two!

What’s been happening in the LRC…

The Picture Book shelves are set up again and the books are back on the shelves

The empty shelves will have books again soon!

The Fiction shelves and furniture are back in the LRC from their holiday in the Lab

The soggy, smelly, mouldy books have been bagged to go into the skip

Our new book holders have arrived and are in lots of places waiting with books  for you to borrow

Thanks to Kay and Jessica at  Ward Sagar, lots of boxes of new books have already arrived at the LRC.  This week the books will be given their barcodes, labels and our school stamp so they will be ready for covering and then finally ready for you to borrow and read and enjoy once again!