The story behind The Cow Tripped Over the Moon

I am one of those readers who enjoys learning about the talented authors and illustrators who create our wonderful books. I like hearing about what might have sparked the idea for a book or the process involved in creating the story or illustrations. I also like to read the dedications at the front of a book and wonder why the book was dedicated to that particular person or people. Sometimes when you do this you discover a story behind the story you have read in the book…

I have read The Cow Tripped Over the Moon to our P-2 students. We have laughed at some of cow’s attempts to jump over the moon and felt her frustration at each failed attempt. We have encouraged cow along with her friends and cheered when she achieved her goal. At the end of the story we discussed the message or meaning of the story and responses included…

Don’t give up
Keep trying
You’ll get there in the end
Encourage and help your friends

However, the message took on a deeper meaning when I told our students the story behind The Cow Tripped Over the Moon.

At the beginning of the book the author Tony Wilson has written his beautiful dedication 

For my beautiful Jack. You will jump moons.

Jack is Tony’s four year old son who has cerebral palsy which affects the muscles in his arms and legs and also affects his vision so he can only see a couple of metres. Jack cannot walk by himself, or crawl, or sit for very long. Jack has to do daily therapy to help him do these things and displays perseverance every day. Jack is also a big fan of the Elephant & Piggie books just like we are in our library!

Tony said  “Jack is only four, but he’s my inspiration. Jack is also the inspiration for The Cow Tripped Over the Moon. I wanted to create a character who, like our Jack, never gives up”.  As I told our students about Jack and why Tony wrote his story, I could see our student’s level of empathy and connection to The Cow Tripped over the Moon move to a deeper level. I’m sure from now on when our students read this story they will think of Jack. The power of story…

You might like to read more about Jack or the process Tony followed to write his book in this blog post by Tony.

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Quiet Reading with 2VL

I was delighted to receive an invitation from Mrs Van and 2VL to visit their classroom on Friday for Quiet Reading time. Thank you Sam for thinking it would be a great idea to invite me and to Mia who came to collect me from the LRC.

As I entered 2VL’s classroom I could see that everyone had their book open and each person was eager and ready to read. It was great to see quite a few books that people had borrowed from our LRC the day before. I chose to sit next to Ryan and settled into my chair with a new picture book I have bought for our library called The Nose Pixies (Nose pickers beware!).

Mrs Van put her timer on for 10 minutes and then the only thing we all had to do was relax, read and get lost in our book…bliss!!

Here are the 2VL students enjoying their Quiet Reading time (click on a photo to make it bigger)...

Thank you for inviting me 2VL and giving me an opportunity to drop everything and read! I might become a regular visitor to your Quiet Reading time…

Do you have Quiet Reading time in your classroom?
What do you like about Quiet Reading time?


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78-Storey Treehouse fun with Andy and Terry on Kids’ WB

Five VERY lucky students from our school were chosen to go on the Kids’ WB show to meet Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton after they sent an email saying why they were BIG fans of their Treehouse series.

They travelled into the Channel 9 studios and waited with 17 other kids in the Green Room before entering the Kids’ WB studio for the fun to begin with Andy, Terry, Crawf and Lauren. Some of the kids had an opportunity to ask Terry and Andy a question; they all helped make a movie trailer for ‘The 78-Storey Treehouse’ and had lots of fun being on Team Andy or Team Terry and cheering them on as they completed a crazy challenge based on the Treehouse series complete with a Popcornado, dinosaur balloons, and Splat-it Blasters!! At the end everyone won their own signed copy of ‘The 78-Storey Treehouse’ (officially the fastest selling Australian book of all time!)

A HUGE thank you to everyone at Kids’ WB for selecting our five students for this fabulous experience and making reading FUN!

It was a very exciting day for our students meeting Andy and Terry and being on Kids’ WB…

Here are our lucky students with their copies of ‘The 78-Storey Treehouse’ and some of their favourite pages…

This is some of what they had to say about their very exciting day…

When I went to Kids’ WB there was a race between Andy and Terry. You had to pick Team Andy or Team Terry. They started off at the Popcornado and had to fill their popcorn box up. Then they ran out to find a magic ticket. Then they had to dodge some obstacles and jump on to a chair. They tried to wrestle each other off the chair, but they tied. I got a Splat-It from behind the chair and shot Shane Crawford in the face.
Thank you Miss Y for telling the St  Martin’s kids about the chance to meet Andy and Terry. (JM in 2B)

I loved meeting Andy and Terry for my fifth time. My favourite part of being on Kids’ WB was when Crawf used lots of cool things to get marshmallows into his mouth like a giant tennis racquet and a megaphone! (RP in 3MC)

When we arrived at the Kids’ WB studio, the receptionist said  “Walk to the wall” and I wondered why until the wall actually slid open! I really liked when Terry fell out of the Popcornado (and eating the marshmallows)!  (AH in 3MC)

Andy and Terry did a challenge for us to win a copy of their book. Terry fell out of the Popcornado! There was a ticket shower and you had to get a magical ticket and the first to sit on the chair won. There were also Splat-It guns and Crawf almost shot me in the face! In the end we all won a signed copy of ‘The 78-Storey Treehouse’. (BH in 4TV)

I was one of the lucky kids to ask Andy and Terry a question. I asked them “What is your favourite line or picture that you have ever drawn or written?” Terry said “Drawing the Banana Enlarger” and Andy said “When the Scribbletorium explodes and scribble goes everywhere.” I loved the marshmallows and making a movie trailer where I got to do a crazy dance! (AM in 4TV)

You can watch this Kids’ WB  Treehouse episode on Saturday, August 20th from 8.30am

One of our creative Year 1 students who loves Andy and Terry’s Treehouse series made this fabulous treehouse (with a little help from his dad). Thank you for letting us have it on display in our library…

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Roald Dahl Day at the Melbourne Writers Festival

September 16th, 2016 marks 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl – the world’s number one storyteller.

You can celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of much loved children’s author Roald Dahl on Sunday, September 4th with a day full of fun, free events for the family, including an exhibition, workshops, face painting and more as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival.

This is a FREE event at Federation Square. Click HERE to register for an activity pack on the day and find out more details about each activity.

Hope you can join in this phizz-whizzing, frothbuggling fun for human beans of all ages!


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Meet Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton on Kids’ WB

Would you like an awesome opportunity to meet Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton?

Kids’ WB is giving YOU the opportunity to meet Andy and Terry at the Kids’ WB studio.  All you need to do is email Kids’ WB and tell them why… YOU are the biggest fan of the Treehouse series.

Well, what are YOU waiting for???  Click HERE to go to the Kids’ WB website (show your parents) and send your email. Good luck!


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