A quiz about our new LRC

Over the last two weeks I have been getting our new LRC ready for us to use.  We still need some more shelving and our tables and chairs will arrive in a few weeks.  Once we move in I will have a better idea of what else I will need to order and I hope that you might have some great suggestions too!

Let’s hope we will be able to have our lessons in our new LRC very soon!  Until then I have made a quiz  with photos from our new LRC… I hope you have fun doing it!

New LRC Quiz on PhotoPeach

I’m a TTL (Travelling Teacher-Librarian)  at the moment until we move into our LRC!  I’ll be coming to your classrooms for Library and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone…


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18 thoughts on “A quiz about our new LRC

  1. Thank you Miss Yeomans for sharing what’s inside the new LRC. We can’t wait for the “Certificate of Occupancy” so that we can all go inside and look at what you have created for the St Martin’s school community.
    Mrs Stewart

  2. Hi Miss Y,

    Love the quiz ! 2TM are very excited about the new Library. I wonder if they would know the answers to the quiz questions. Some tricky questions!

    Good luck with the TTL!

    Ms. Tieppo

  3. Hi Miss Y

    My favourite book in the LRC is “The Mermaid’s Tail” because it’s beautiful.

    from Claire 1m

  4. Hi Claire

    I really like the way Ann James has done the illustrations for the “Mermaid’s Tail” using her water colour paints.

    Miss Y 🙂

  5. We are all very excited to get out of our cramped double room and into our own classrooms! We thought it was going to take forever, but now it’s so close!

    An 6CZ and Ashleigh 6AC

  6. Hi An and Ashleigh

    I think the biggest cheer on Friday afternoon came from the Grade 6s!

    Enjoy moving into your new classrooms. I’m looking forward to welcoming you to our new LRC this week and being “neighbours” with the Grade 6s again in our new building!

    Miss Y 🙂

  7. One of my favorite books is Tashi because it has interesting stories.

    from Marcus 2V

  8. Enjoyed doing the quiz with my girls! Can’t wait to see the new library! Have fun with it! Gab

    Miss Y Do you need more tissues to clean? Chiara

    To Ms Y, can’t wait to go to the new library! Lili

  9. Hi Gab

    Glad you had fun doing the quiz! You’re welcome to visit the LRC when the covered walk way is finished.

    Hi Chiara, the cleaning is all done now!

    Hi Lilli, I’ll see you in the LRC this week!

    Miss Y 🙂

  10. Hi Marcus

    Tashi is one of my favourite book characters. I love the adventurous stories he tells in his books.

    Do you have a favourite Tashi book?

    Miss Y 🙂

  11. Hi Miss.Y,

    I enjoyed doing the quiz a lot.
    The new library is spectacular!!!
    Douglous looks so cute and is so huge.
    What I like about the new LRC is the view.

    From Viduni 🙂

  12. Hi Viduni

    Thanks for your comments.

    It was wonderful to see how excited the students in 2TM and 2D were when they came into our new LRC. I’m glad you think the LRC is spectacular!

    I enjoyed making the quiz for everyone. Did you get all the questions right?

    Douglas is lovely and soft and cuddly. We’re so lucky to have him.

    I really like the view too and as I said today, I feel like I’m Horrible Harriet looking down on everyone…

    Miss Y 🙂

  13. Hello Ms. Y,
    Congratulations getting the library set up. It looks spectacular. I love the view. Many children will enjoy reading a book with the sun’s warmth on them.
    Also I did very well on the quiz. Some questions were tricky. Can’t wait to see the storytelling chair.
    From Mrs. Mosbauer

  14. Hi Mrs Mosbauer

    Great job with the quiz! The students enjoyed finding things from the quiz when they came into the LRC for the first time this week.

    I love the view too – I think it’s like the view Horrible Harriet has from her window in the attic at the top of her school building where she can spy on everyone!!

    You’re welcome to have a little read in the sun before school if you have time…

    Miss Y 🙂

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