A life-sized book cover for Stuff Happens – Dale

When I received an email from our author friend Adrian Beck with the subject “Crazy idea”, I was a bit worried about what I might find inside when I opened it! I shouldn’t have worried though, because Adrian had a fun and creative idea he was hoping some of our students could help him with for his new book Stuff Happens – Dale. How could I say no to making a life-sized book cover?

A big thank you to the boys who did a fabulous job working as a creative team with Adrian and helped to bring his crazy idea to life. Thank you for asking us to help you Adrian and for making reading fun! You can read all about making the life-sized book cover on Adrian’s Blog….


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16 thoughts on “A life-sized book cover for Stuff Happens – Dale

  1. Adrian says it all ‘A huge shout out to Kim Yeomans, the St Martin’s Teacher/Librarian extraordinaire is always devising ways to bring books to life and to make reading fun for her kids.’ Sounds like you are all having too much in your library – is that possible? Probably not. Keep up your great work with great connections. What a great bloke that Adrian is and he certainly knows where to go to have fun.

  2. Hi Louise,

    Adrian is definitely a great bloke and an author who loves to connect with his readers and is always thinking of ways to make reading fun! We are VERY lucky at St Martin’s to have developed a great connection with Adrian.

    Yes, we enjoy having fun at our library because #ReadingIsFun!!

    Miss Y 🙂

  3. Dear Ms Y,

    Wow that is a big book. Only a giant could read a book that size


  4. Hey Miss Y,
    I am loving your blog so far and I hope one day I will get pig the pug:) I really love the slide on the school blog of everyone who got pig the pug! Bye and have a great day:)

    Love From Antonia

  5. Hi Miss Y
    Maybe I will read the Stuff Happens books! Pig the Pug is so cute and I will enjoy Pig the Pug if I get him and I will read him books.

  6. Dear Miss Y,

    I`m glad we got more Stuff Happens books, because I like the Stuff Happens books. I like the things that happen to the characters.

    From Riley.S

  7. Dear Miss Y,
    Your blog is great and when I say great I mean excellent !!!
    I love your slide shows that you put on the blog !!!
    from Macey

  8. Thank you for your comments Lachlan, Lucy, Antonia, Claudia, Riley and Macey,

    The Stuff Happens books are very popular in our library and you should try them Antonia. I like the different things that happen to the characters in the Stuff Happens stories too Riley. It was definitely a huge book cover Lachlan and the Year 4 boys and I had lots of fun helping Adrian to make the front cover for his book!

    Miss Y 🙂

  9. Hi Luke

    Thank you for subscribing to our LRC Blog, Luke.

    It was very hard to decide which boys to ask to help Adrian and I tried to pick boys from each class. I could only choose 5 boys! I’ll definitely keep you in mind next time I’m looking for people for an activity.

    Miss Y 🙂

  10. Hi Ms Y
    I like the poster of the new book that’s coming out in STUFF HAPPENS Dale. The Year 4s and A.B looked cool and A.B if you’re reading this you looked pretty wierd!

  11. Hi Aaron,

    Making the life-sized book cover was a great way for Adrian to let people know about his new book! The Year 4s did a fabulous job and had fun too! It’s not easy to turn yourself into a purple emoji, but I think Adrian’s done a great job!

    Adrian’s new book will be in our library shortly Aaron.

    Miss Y 🙂

  12. I love reading all your comments on Miss Y’s blog.

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy the new Stuff Happens stories. And Aaron, I agree, I did look a little weird as a purple emoji, but that was half the fun!

    Happy Reading!


  13. Hi Miss Y,
    That would have been so fun! I can’t believe they got to work with Adrian, I mean you would have to be a little bit jealous. I think Adrian is a really good writer. I think he was really funny. I have a really good idea for you. Here it is, you go to any class you like and do a vote for the best book make sure it’s one you can draw and after that you go back to the library with the class you chose and make the book cover that was voted!
    From your Reading Ninja Shae

  14. Hi Shae,

    I agree that Adrian is a great writer and has a fun sense of humour. Let’s hope he writes lots of books for us to enjoy.

    I like your idea and have actually been thinking that creating a life-sized book cover could be a fun activity for one of our Book Week Challenge this year…stay tuned!

    Miss Y 🙂

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