Adrian Beck’s Author Hangout

Our ‘awesome author’ friend, Adrian Beck has come up with a fabulous idea to bring Aussie kids and authors together… 

Adrian Beck’s
Author Hangout

Adrian’s first Author Hangout was with Tony Wilson who we know best from his book picture book The Cow Tripped Over the Moon and he is also the author of the Selwood Boys series. As you can see from the photo below, Adrian has lots of fun interviewing his fellow authors. (I wonder if they eat all the cookies after the interview?)

If you are interested in finding out more about some of your favourite authors, looking for new books to read, want some great writing tips from authors or simply have some laughs watching funny challenges then Adrian Beck’s Author Hangout is for you!

These are just a few of the authors that Adrian will be interviewing in the coming weeks…

Adrian will add his Author Hangouts to his website so visit regularly.

Adrian has interviewed these authors

Tony Wilson

Tristan Bancks

Jen Storer

Tim Harris

Sally Rippin

Felice Arena

The Yeo-Low Medal 2017

The Yeo-Low Medal for Best and Fairest Reader is back in 2017!

This is the third year for our Yeo-Low Medal Reading Challenge that was started by our author friend Adrian Beck. You can read how it all started hereAdrian has supported and encouraged our Yeo-Low Medal readers each year including last year when he organised a surprise message for our readers. Adrian also brings lots of fun to our Yeo-Low Medal Award Ceremony as you can see in 2015 and with Felice Arena in 2016.

Reading for our Yeo-Low Medal is held in Term Three.  It is a Reading Challenge that combines our love of Australian Rules Footy and reading. The Yeo-Low Medal is almost as coveted as the Brownlow Medal! Everyone who successfully completes the Reading Challenge receives a certificate and a chance to go in the draw to win our Indigenous football (a yellow one this year). Each reader is also in contention to win our prestigious Yeo-Low Medal for Best and Fairest Reader.


Students from Prep- Year 6 can participate in the Yeo-Low Medal by reading the books in the challenge based on the Book Week theme and completing a creative response to one of the books.

Enjoy participating in our Yeo-Low Medal Reading Challenge and have fun escaping to everywhere with books…

An Alien Zoo workshop with Adrian Beck and Heath McKenzie

This week I caught up with one of our Year Three students who along with a handful of other keen St Martin’s students went along to a workshop during the school holidays with the talented and funny Adrian Beck and Heath McKenzie. It was a writing and illustrating workshop based on their new novel The Alien Zoo…and You

 This is what our GUEST BLOGGER had to say…

Heath and Adrian began by explaining how they made the book. Adrian’s ideas came from visiting the animals at the zoo with his daughters and that got his imagination going. Heath explained that he does a rough sketch of an alien and then a good copy over the top and then adds the details and colour. He drew an alien from the book and used three of the kids in the workshop as a ‘human easel’.

We also had fun acting out being aliens from the book using objects from a basket. I had to be a flurp alien from Mars and they communicate with burps. Heath and Adrian mixed up ingredients to make a mixture that would make me do flurp burps. They added coca cola, milk, pepper, tuna, mayonnaise  and ice magic – gross! Luckily I didn’t have to drink it because Adrian and Heath played a game of  ‘Paper, Scissors, Rock’ to decide who the loser would be and that person had to drink the mixture…Adrian lost!

Adrian and Heath brainstormed ideas to create aliens with us and we used those ideas to create our own aliens. This is the alien I created.

Thank you Adrian and Heath for so much fun and thank you Heath for not making me drink the flurp burp mixture!

The Alien Zoo by Adrian Beck

It’s an exciting time for our author friend Adrian Beck who has a written a new series called The Alien Zoo and the first book is ready to hit book shops from this Saturday, July 1st…perfect for reading over the holidays!

The sign on the enclosure wall read: Greepers.
But it should have said: Heaps Of Greepers.
And maybe there should have been a second sign that said:
‘And They’re Flying Straight For You.’

A dead granddad.
A secret alien zoo.
And only two kids to save all its creatures from a terrible fate.

What could possibly go wrong?

Funny, mysterious and a little bit rude, hold on to your hippos and look inside The Alien Zoo!

The Alien Zoo was inspired by Adrian’s visits to the regular zoo with his daughters. Adrian and illustrator, Heath Mckenzie have played with their crazy ideas to make a book that is funny, creative and it’s interactive too…how cool is that! 

Here are Adrian and Heath earlier in the year working on the finishing touches of the The Alien Zoo with their editor….important to get that spelling correct, Adrian!

Hold on to your hippos…get ready to read
The Alien Zoo

If you have a question for Adrian about The Alien Zoo  you can write it in the comment section.


Adrian and Heath are holding a Writing and Illustrating Workshop during the holidays on Monday, July 3rd at The Little Bookroom. Click HERE for more information and to BOOK your spot!

Our Yeo-Low Medal Award 2016

Today was our second Yeo-Low Medal Award and an exciting day for the 73 students who completed the Reading Scavenger Hunt for our 2016 Yeo-Low Medal.

A rainy day forecast changed our school’s usual Footy Day plans so I decided to hold our Yeo-Low Medal Award in the library with our author friend Adrian Beck. Little did we know Adrian had a surprise for us and had invited Felice Arena along as well. How lucky were we to have two of our favourite authors in our library!!

Our Yeo-Low Medal readers should be VERY proud of their efforts to complete this year’s Reading Scavenger Hunt. Between them they have read over 600 books by Australian authors! I added a creative element this year and our library is currently a gallery of their creative work including cakes, Anzac biscuits, models, posters, poems, drawings, story cubes and book reviews about the books they have read.

During our award ceremony Adrian serenaded us with a song; we enjoyed sharing some of our creative work; people crossed their fingers hoping their name would be drawn for the Indigenous football (or two mini footballs) or that they were going to be presented with the Yeo-Low Medal this year. After cheering our winners, Felice had everyone up on their feet celebrating their fabulous reading efforts with his ‘Umpire Dance’. Today was a wonderful reminder that reading is fun!

Thank you so much Adrian and Felice for being so generous with your time and helping us to celebrate our Yeo-Low Medal Award. We are the luckiest school library in Australia!!

Here are some photos from our day….