Guest Readers in the LRC for Book Week

During Book Week some of our teachers volunteered to be Guest Readers in the LRC during some of our breaks.  (I think they secretly wanted to sit and read in our Story Chair!)

It was wonderful to see lots of children eagerly coming in to enjoy listening to a variety of stories throughout the week. I know that I loved being read to! Our Guest Readers were so popular that we think we might trial having a set day each week for a Guest Reader to share some stories…

Which story did YOU enjoy listening to when you came to the LRC?

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6 thoughts on “Guest Readers in the LRC for Book Week

  1. What a great idea Miss Y! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time.
    My granddaughter LOVES looking for the green sheep … and I simply MUST try and find a Rainbow Fish puppet … it’s so cute!

    Mrs H xo

  2. Hi Mrs H

    We did have a wonderful time listening to stories during the week…

    I think your granddaughter would have loved meeting our Green Sheep!

    Miss Y 🙂

  3. Hi Miss Y,

    I had so much fun reading in the LRC last week. I wish I could do it every day. Thank you to all of the children to listened to me read ‘The Cat in the Hat’.

    If the cat in the hat visited my house I would definitely NOT tell my mother. I wonder what you would do?

    From Miss Driscoll

  4. To Mr Bolger
    Your reading in the LRC was awesome and I liked how you used your expression when we were listening to “There’s a Sea in My Bedroom”.
    From Chloe

  5. Hi Miss Driscoll

    I think you may have discovered one of the reasons I love being a teacher librarian!

    Thank you for reading to everyone. They definitely enjoyed “The Cat in the Hat”!

    I have a feeling lots of students would be like you and would NOT tell their parents if the Cat in the Hat visited their house…

    Miss Y 🙂

  6. Hi Chloe!

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I really enjoyed reading my favourite book in the LRC and getting to sit in Miss Yeomans’ special chair.

    Hopefully I can do it again one day soon!

    From Mr Bolger

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