Knitting on Mondays

Mrs H and Mrs C had been chatting about the benefits of knitting one day and thought what a great idea it would be to start a group for students who would like to learn how to knit. I was thrilled when they asked if the group could meet in our LRC on Mondays at first break. Little did they expect so many students to turn up on the first day!  It was decided that the numbers would have to be reduced for a few weeks so they could teach the Year 3-6 students the basics of knitting first before teaching the very keen younger students.

Students have been displaying concentration, determination and persistence as they have learnt to how to knit stitches and it is wonderful to see the excitement and pride on their faces when they have knitted a whole row! It is also a delight to see a little knitting community developing where students are teaching and encouraging each other and chatting away happily as they master the art of knitting.

Thanks Mrs H and Mrs C for a fabulous creative initiative for our students (and for your patience!) In fact, I think you may have even re-kindled my love of knitting…