This term we are going to have some fun reading picture books to one of our favourite picture book characters…Pig the Pug

You can have the chance to take Pig the Pug home and have fun reading aloud one of your favourite picture books to him (Using expression and doing the voices!). Take a photo of you with Pig the Pug and your book to add to our slideshow and please include some information about your book and/or photo.


Pig the Pug has become quite a ‘Reading Rockstar’ at our school over the past two terms! He went home with 86 students in Term Two and 67 students in Term Three. Thank you for reading a picture book to Pig the Pug, sharing your photos and comments with us and making #ReadingIsFun a huge success!


Cougar Ridge Reads with Pig the Pug

Pig the Pug is now enjoying stories with the Year 3 students at Cougar Ridge Elementary in Seattle, WA in America! You can follow his reading adventures and see what he is listening to HERE

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54 thoughts on “#ReadingIsFun

  1. Hi Gisele,

    I am so lucky to teach everyone at our school and see you all each week.

    The idea of Pig the Pug has been more popular than I ever thought it would be! I love seeing how Pig the Pug is making reading fun for everyone. I hope you have your name on a raffle ticket so you might have a chance to take Pig the Pug home too Gisele.

    Miss Y 🙂

  2. Hi Miss Yeomans!
    Pig had lots of fun at our playground and never
    wanted to leave!
    Can’t wait till bedtime to read him another book.
    From your friend Lauren.

  3. Hi Lauren,

    I love the photo you sent me of you and Pig the Pug reading on the slide. I hope you slid down the slide with him! I’m not surprised to hear Pig didn’t want to leave the playground.

    Pig the Pug will be lucky to have two stories read to him tonight…

    Miss Y 🙂 #ReadingIsFun

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