Sian’s Reading Hour @ the Melbourne Writer’s Festival

Hi my name is Sian and I went to the Reading Hour at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival.  I saw Kane and Amberley from ABC3 and it was amazing to have my photo taken with them!

I also got my books signed by Jackie French and Andy Griffiths.  It was exciting to get my books signed by the authors.  When I was in the queue it took forever because everyone wanted to get their books signed by Andy Griffiths!








By Sian G – Grade 2TM


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4 thoughts on “Sian’s Reading Hour @ the Melbourne Writer’s Festival

  1. Hi Miss Y!
    WOW! Sian must be very excited to get her book signed by Andy Griffiths. I think I wouldn’t mind waiting for hours in a line to get a book signed by him. Have a good week!
    From, Monica C 6C 🙂

  2. Hi Monica,

    I love getting a book signed by the author – it makes the book even more precious.

    Andy Griffiths is very popular! I’m sure Andy really enjoys meeting all of the children who love reading his books. That must be one of the fun parts of being an author do you think?

    Hope your week is great!

    Miss Y 😀

  3. Wooooowww, I can’t believe Sian is so lucky to do that to meet Kane and Amberley and to meet all those authors.
    I’m speechless.

  4. Hi Martin,

    Sian was very lucky that her mum got the tickets for them to go. It was a great way to celebrate the Reading Hour!

    Miss Y 🙂

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