Our Yeo-low Medal Winners For Best & Fairest Reader

There was excitement in the air at school today. Not only was it Footy Day, it was also the day that the winner of the Yeo-Low Medal would be announced!

At the beginning of the term, 205 students signed up to complete the Reading Scavenger Hunt for an opportunity to win the Yeo-low Medal for Best and Fairest Reader which was an Indigenous Football generously given to us by author, Adrian Beck.

This week, 57 students had completed the Reading Scavenger Hunt. They had demonstrated reading stamina and perseverance during the term by reading a variety of books, writing a book recommendation and having their photo taken in a favourite reading spot. Congratulations to each of you on your fabulous reading effort and you have your certificate to prove it!

The students were reading to win the Yeo-low Medal (football) and a name would be randomly selected from a draw by Adrian. As the term progressed, I thought this might also be an opportunity to acknowledge a particular student’s reading effort with an actual medal. I hope the Yeo-low Medal might become an annual Best and Fairest Reader award. The students didn’t know about this until today. Here is our Yeo-low Medal.

Congratulations to our two worthy winners of the 2015 Yeo-low Medal for Best and Fairest Reader!

We have been incredibly fortunate to have Adrian Beck encouraging us to read and supporting us this term with his fun videos.  It was lovely to see him receive a ‘rock star’ welcome when he arrived at school today. Adrian continued his spirit of fun when he wore his specially chosen suit for the presentation today. Thank you so much Adrian, we think of you as ‘our author’ these days!

Here is our Yeo-low Medal Award ceremony…

The Yeo-low Medal is underway!

Students had until 3.45 pm today to register for the Yeo-Low Medal and an opportunity to participate in the Reading Scavenger Hunt to win the Yeo-Low Medal for our Best and Fairest Reader.

Author, Adrian Beck who named the Yeo-low Medal also sent us a funny ‘Last Chance’ video to remind people to register…

I know we love to read but I don’t think anyone expected this many students would register…

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Adrian and I are thrilled with such an amazing response from students from Prep – Year 6 who have joined in to have fun reading and a chance to win the Yeo-Low Medal.

Over the past two weeks students have been registering and many have been busy selecting books during library classes to complete their reading tasks for the Reading Scavenger Hunt and some have already emailed me photos reading in their favourite place.  It is exciting to have such a “Reading Buzz” around the school…and Book Week is just around the corner too!

Good luck and happy reading everyone!