Ziggy or Archer?

Imagine both my surprise and excitement when I received this tweet from author Gabrielle Wang who I have been lucky to meet and also follow on Twitter. 

Gabrielle also added that the character is a girl who is different from everyone else in town…

It was our first week of classes in the LRC and the Year 4-6 classes were certainly intrigued when I explained Gabrielle’s request. Voting for the character’s name generated a thoughtful discussion about why students chose Ziggy or Archer. Many voted for Ziggy or Archer name because it was an unusual or unique name to them and so it suited a person who was different. Some people chose Archer because it would suit a tomboy or others thought it was a good name if the character might have been going on a quest. There were lots of questions and wondering about the character which encouraged the students to think like a writer.

It was also an opportunity to discuss the concept and value of ‘crowd sourcing’ because Gabrielle was using social media to ask her readers for their opinions and ideas.

These are the results of how our Year 4-6 classes voted for Ziggy or Archer. It was interesting to see how results varied within year levels…

Gabrielle had also asked some other schools and one school had 70% voting in favour of Ziggy. 

This week quite a few of our students asked if Gabrielle had decided on her character’s name yet so I asked her on Twitter and this was Gabrielle’s response.

The book Gabrielle is writing with Ziggy as one of the main characters is called ‘Hushing Wood’ and it will be published in February 2017. You can read more about Gabrielle’s writing and illustrating on her inspiring blog.

Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in your book in a small way Gabrielle. Good luck as you continue editing, and illustrating ‘Hushing Wood’. We’ll look forward to it being published so we can read about Ziggy in a year’s time…

Mo visits the LRC

The students in Year 2VL have their very own class mascot this year called Mo. Each lucky student will have the opportunity to take Mo home with them to show him something, include him in family activities or even take him on adventure. They will also write about Mo’s visit with them in their Mo Diary. I’m sure Mo is going to have a fun-filled year with his friends in 2VL!

Mo visited the LRC on Thursday morning and as you can see he enjoyed sitting in our Story Chair!

Mo is really looking forward to his adventures and reading about them in his Mo Diary.

Happy reading Mo!

Andy Griffiths, tattoos & Emergency Spew Relish

I had quite a surprise last week when one of our Year 3 students walked into her lesson in the LRC with a jar of Emergency Spew Relish and tattoos on her arms!!  On closer inspection one of the tattoos had a love heart with “Andy” on it and there is only one Andy that we all know….Andy Griffiths!

These sisters had been guests at a book launch the previous evening and Andy Griffiths was there too. It was a book launch for a fabulous book for teachers called ‘Writing Right with Text Types’ by Matthew Zabracki and the girls have examples of their writing in it. How exciting to be in a book and have dinner and a chat with Andy Griffiths!

Gibblewort the Goblin

The Year Two classes have enjoyed listening to the adventures of Gibblewort the Goblin by Victor Kelleher and illustrated by Stephen Michael King.

The students had fun writing postcards from Gibblewort to the goblins back in Ireland. They used their wonderful imaginations to create scary, fun and dangerous adventures for Gibblewort in various places around Australia and even our library! Students made their own Gibblewort character and put him into a brown paper bag like the postbag Gibblewort travelled around Australia in his stories.  Don’t forget to read their fabulous postcards when you visit the LRC…

Tristan Bancks’ My Life Short Story Competition

We have lots of talented writers at our school and the My Life Short Story Competition might be an opportunity for you to flex your writing muscles…

I know lots of our students have discovered and are thoroughly enjoying the My Life series by Tristan Bancks. If you haven’t read these books filled with hilarious and clever stories then watch some videos and read some excerpts of them here to see what you are missing out on!

Tristan Bancks not only loves writing himself, but he also loves to encourage young writers. His My Life Short Story Competition is open to students around Australia from 8-13 years old who love to tell funny stories –  that could be YOU!  School holidays are a great time for doing some writing….

Click HERE to find out more details about the competition and visit Tristan’s CREATE page for some tips and ideas. It’s about writing a story based on your life that is funny, gross, weird or amazing.  Add your everyday story and some exaggeration and ta-dah you have your own My Life story! (Imagine if it was included in Tristan’s next My Life book!!)

I am going to start up our WRITING CLUB (we need a name for it) again this term on a Thursday at lunchtime in the LRC.  We will begin with looking at the My Story Writing Competition for those who are interested. So for now you might want to brainstorm your My Life story ideas or even write your My Life story (500 words) over the holidays and we can look at them the first week of next term…

Happy writing!