The Fall by Tristan Bancks

I am a keen reader of crime thriller novels. I enjoy the mystery, suspense, twists in the plot and the challenge of working out who did it and how the story will end. So a few weeks ago when Tristan Bancks released the first two chapters of his new crime thriller book The Fall, I had to read them. I also read the chapters with our Year 6 classes who were on the edges of their seats and many wanted to know when we would have the book to borrow – that’s what I call a win! You can read the chapter sampler HERE and also read how Tristan incorporated events from his life into the story. We now have two copies of The Fall to borrow! I’m getting ready for a stampede in the library….

In the middle of the night, Sam is woken by angry voices from the apartment above. He goes to the window to see what’s happening – only to hear a struggle, and see a body fall from the sixth-floor balcony. Pushed, Sam thinks.
Sam goes to wake his father, Harry, a crime reporter, but Harry is gone. And when Sam goes downstairs, the body is gone, too. But someone has seen Sam, and knows what he’s witnessed. The next twenty-four hours could be his last.

If you’re in Year 5 or 6 and looking for a book that has a nail biting plot then this is the book for you. I could not put the book down and read it in one sitting until way too late on a school night!

You too will want to know the answers to these questions and more…

What happened to the man who fell from the building?
Where has Sam’s dad disappeared to after saying he was going out to buy milk?
Who is the mysterious Scarlet who lives on the sixth floor?
Will Sam survive the next 24 hours?

Thanks to writing his ‘Harry Garner: Crime Reporter’ comics, Sam already has some great investigative and problem solving skills that will come in handy to solve this crime. As the story unfolds you will be reading as fast as you can and hoping Sam’s knee staples hold together in an action packed 24 hours.

When you’ve caught your breath at the end of the book, spend some time reading ‘Sam Gardner’s Ten Commandments for Life’...there’s some wise advice there for you!