It’s Tashi’s 20th birthday!

It is wonderful to be celebrating 20 years of Tashi stories! I have loved reading Tashi’s creative storytelling adventures with his friend Jack to many students over the years and I’ve even dressed as Tashi for Book Week! Tashi has many fans in our LRC, and lots of them have read his books more than once and love the way he outsmarts characters like The Wicked Baron, Chintu the Giant and Baba Yaga.  Visit Tashi’s website here.

Today at the Sydney Writer’s Festival there was a Family Day to celebrate Tashi’s birthday with his creators, Anna and Barbara Fienberg.  What a fabulous birthday cake for Tashi that his publishers at Allen & Unwin tweeted…

Another wonderful celebration of Tashi’s 20th birthday will be the release of a special hardcover 20th Anniversary edition of Tashi’s first book and it will also include a new story about Tashi’s first birthday called ‘The Silver Cup’. There will be lots of excited readers waiting for their copy of the book in June!

Do you have a favourite Tashi book or character?

Tashi has a new book and a television show

Tashi has a new book called Tashi and the Wicked Magician

This hardback book with colour illustrations has four fabulous Tashi stories filled with adventure, magic and mystery – there’s a Magnificent Magician with a greedy plan, a haunted house about to go up in flames, ruthless ruffians after a rare orchid, and a quest for the bravest person in the land to face the fire-breathing Red Whiskered Dragon. Take a peek at some of Geoff Kelly and Kim Gamble’s colour illustrations from the book.

Tashi has his own television series

The Tashi series has sold over one million copies in over 20 counties and now the clever people at Flying Bark have brought Tashi to life in his very own animated television series.  The series will begin on November 27th on 7TWO from 7.30 – 8.00am. After watching the trailer below I can’t wait to watch the series…what do YOU think?

Kim Gamble illustrates a scene from “Tashi and the Golem”

Last term the Year Three classes really enjoyed listening to the Tashi stories written by Anna and Barbara Fienberg and illustrated by Kim Gamble. This video is a wonderful insight into how Kim creates his illustrations using chalk pastels (instead of water colour paint).  I’m sure there will be some students wanting to try this for themselves…

Other exciting news is that there is a new Tashi book coming out in November!  It is going to be a full colour picture book called

“Once Tashi Met a Dragon”.  

Click HERE for a sneak preview

The Amazing Tashi Activity Book

The exciting news for Tashi fans is that The Amazing Tashi Activity Book has been released this month!  Definitely a book to put on your Christmas list!

Tashi activity book


In The Amazing Tashi Activity book you’ll find lots to do plus a fold-out with Tashi’s very own Board Game.

Are you good at puzzles? Try Tashi’s Treasure Chest of Words or his Tricky Word Puzzle or complete the Incredible Crossword. Can you find the Baron’s gold with the treasure map? Or help Tashi rescue the children in the Warlord’s maze? How will Tashi escape from the dungeon?

What will you make first? A boat? A dragon? The tiger pop-up card? You could make a diorama of Tashi’s world or bake Ah Chu’s favourite fish cakes.

And then there’s a brand new Tashi story to read. In ‘Tashi and the Strangers’ a new family stumbles into the village, with General Zeng’s soldiers on their trail. How will Tashi save them?