Year 4 Sleepover with a story from Tristan Bancks

One of my favourite things to do as a Teacher Librarian is read the Bedtime Story for the Year 4 Sleepover.

Our library has a truly magical feeling at night and you almost expect our book toys to come to life at any moment. Our Story Chair was waiting for the Year 4s and set the scene for the evening with a caricature of Tom Weekly and his latest book My Life and Other Weaponised Muffins by Tristan Bancks. After dinner the students arrived at the library door warm and comfy in their pajamas bursting with excitement and anticipation and eager for their bedtime story.

The story I had chosen for the evening was called The Good Boy. In this story, Tom Weekly planned to be good for 24 hours. Despite some close calls at school during the day, Tom had managed to keep his cool and not get into any trouble. When he arrived home after being good for eight and a half hours he thought the remaining five hours before bedtime would be easy. Wrong! Tom discovered he had left their dog Bando inside while he was at school and Bando had eaten all the ingredients Tom had left on the bench for the French dessert project he had to make and photograph that afternoon! The Year Fours groaned and laughed as Tom came up with a very unique solution for his project by creating ‘Mousse au Chocolate de Bando’. After this story I’m sure many of the students will not look at chocolate mousse in quite the same way again…

Thanks for a fun bedtime story in the library 4G, 4O and 4VT!

A Sleepover and a Bedtime Story

Last Thursday it was the Year 4 Sleepover in the GECCO, our hall at school. After a fabulous day doing a tour of the MCG, playing games outside after school on Bottom Yard and a feast of pizza for dinner, it was time for the Year 4s to put on their PJs and visit the LRC for a Bedtime Story.

The scene was set in our library with only the lights above the Borrowing Desk glowing gently. The LRC had a very different feel from daytime and in the darkness it felt cosy and slightly magical. I half expected to see our Captain Underpants flying around the LRC or Hugless Douglas climbing down from his spot on the shelf in search of a hug!

The students voted on the story for me to read called ‘Scab’ from ‘My Life and Other Stuff I Made Up’ by Tristan Bancks. The title alone made it a popular choice. It was fun reading to the Year 4s who snuggled up with their friends and shared lots of laughs and groans throughout the story. Somehow I don’t think the Year 4s will think of scabs in quite the same way again and thanks to Tom Weekly, they will definitely think twice before pretending to be sick to avoid getting out of something at school just in case they end up having their appendix removed…

Thank you Year 4 for allowing me to read you a Bedtime Story!

Year Fours’ Bedtime Story in the LRC

Last night our three Year 4 classes had a sleepover at school…

The Year 4 students arrived back at school at 5.30pm to  christen our new school BBQ.  After dinner there was time to play games on Bottom Yard and spend time with friends before heading into the GECCO (Hall) to snuggle up in sleeping bags and watch a video.

After cleaning  their teeth, at 10pm the Year 4s quietly crept up the stairs in the moonlight to the LRC where Miss Y was waiting  to read them a Bedtime Story…

The LRC looked very different at night with only a few lights on.  It felt a bit magical with the Story Chair there and it was cosy and inviting.  The Grade 4s made themselves comfortable…

We began, much to everyone’s delight with a few pages from the newly released Cabin Fever, the latest book in the Diary of  Wimpy Kid series.  (Thanks to Jack W who had bought a copy for Miss Y that very day!!)

Then Miss Y read the story Pizza Cake from Morris Gleitzman’s latest book of ten funny short stories called Pizza Cake.  It’s a great story about a boy called Glenn who thanks to his grandfather, uses “pizza cake” to help him to feel brave whenever he is scared.  The toppings Glenn had on his Pizza Cake had many of the student’s mouths watering!  Thanks to Pizza Cake, Glenn can bravely face menacing bowlers in cricket  and stand up and do public speaking in front of a large audience.  He shares his bravery secret with his friend Dougal only to make an unexpected discovery about his grandfather.  The story has a great twist at the end!

Thank you Grade 4s for letting me read to you in the LRC…I hope I can do it again next year with some of our other classes during our National Year of Reading!!

What lollies and sweet toppings would you put on your Pizza Cake?