Shelfies @ St Martin’s…

Do we love reading and books?

Check out our Shelfies and you will find the answer…

Thank you to the children and teachers who participated and had FUN making Shelfies…with their brothers, sisters and friends…with their pet cats, dogs, lizards, rabbits, fish, horse and snake…in front of, beside, on top and even inside their bookshelves!!

Prep to Year 2 Shelfies from jambo8

Thank you St Luke’s at Blackburn South for sharing your fabulous Shelfies with us HERE

Shelfie Challenge

What does your bookshelf look like?

This year one of our fun challenges to celebrate Book Week and The Reading Hour is to take a “Shelfie”…


Click on the page for easier reading!

We are looking forward to seeing lots of creative Shelfies on our LRC Blog in a Shelfie Slideshow for Book Week…

If your school reads this post and does a Shelfie Challenge too we’d love you to send us a link to your blog, send us a photo of your display or leave us a message so we can all share our Shelfie fun and passion for reading!
Miss Y 🙂