You’re never too young to borrow at our library!

As I have said before, one of my favourite times in our library is before school when the library fills with students as they come in for BRB time to browse, read and borrow books. It’s also a time when parents and siblings visit the library and over the years little brothers and sisters have always been welcome to read and borrow books too. It is never too early to become part of a reading community!

Our youngest borrower was only a few months old when she started borrowing books from our library. Her mum would regularly bring her to the library so her big sister in Year 3 could choose a picture book to borrow and read to her at home. This was the first book she borrowed!

That baby is a now very independent and bubbly 3 year-old who is borrowing her own books! She comes along every Thursday and pops her books in the Returns chute and happily heads to the picture book section to choose her three books (no more, no less!). She then confidently scans her books and tucks them into her library bag. We often have a little chat about what she has been up to before she chooses a book for her mum to read to her and happily dances out the door to her weekly swimming lesson! It is delightful that visiting our library is a special part of her Thursday.

This young man goes to preschool and regularly comes in before school to borrow just like his big sister in Year One. He loves to borrow both non fiction and picture books and chooses his books with great care. He happily stands in the borrowing line with our students and confidently turns his books to the barcode at the back to scan them before putting them safely into his library bag. He often brings a toy car to show me and we have a little chat about it before he reads a book with his mum or big sister and heads off to preschool. It won’t be long before he will be borrowing books wearing his school uniform!

We also have little visitors who happily enjoy sharing stories together in our Story Chair after school.

It is wonderful to watch these little brothers and sisters become part of our school reading community with the ‘big kids’ and seeing themselves as readers too!

One of my joys at the beginning of each year is when these children come to their first Prep library class and watching them choose and scan their book and put it in their library bag with such confidence…their look of pride is truly priceless!

Do you remember coming into our library before school to read or borrow with your big brothers or sisters?

A life-sized book cover for Stuff Happens – Dale

When I received an email from our author friend Adrian Beck with the subject “Crazy idea”, I was a bit worried about what I might find inside when I opened it! I shouldn’t have worried though, because Adrian had a fun and creative idea he was hoping some of our students could help him with for his new book Stuff Happens – Dale. How could I say no to making a life-sized book cover?

A big thank you to the boys who did a fabulous job working as a creative team with Adrian and helped to bring his crazy idea to life. Thank you for asking us to help you Adrian and for making reading fun! You can read all about making the life-sized book cover on Adrian’s Blog….


A Sporty Kids surprise in the mail

On Wednesday when I checked my blue tub for messages, I found a package addressed to me and when I flipped it over the sender was Felice Arena!

What a surprise to find a copy of Felice’s latest Sporty Kids books, Handball and Tennis and some bookmarks!

Felice also signed both of our books with a message. Here is our Handball book with one of Felice’s fans (who has some ideas of his own for some more Sporty Kids books)…

I wish Felice could have heard the cheers and excitement when I showed the Year Twos our copies of his books on Thursday in their library classes! We voted on which book to read and decided on the Handball book. We laughed in one class when two of the main characters, Luca and Stefan were actually sitting on the floor next to each other!! What are the chances of that happening?

Felice has a great way of pacing his stories and building excitement in his Sporty Kids books. The Year Twos listened with baited breath waiting to see if Luca would defeat Vinny Ping the Handball King in their handball challenge. They were also reminded of the importance of being a good sport when you are both a winner and a loser.

Each Year Two class then rated Felice’s Handball book out of five and we tweeted him our photos…

Thank you for our Sporty Kids books Felice and for making reading fun!

Now we need to decide on a fun challenge for students who would like to win one of Felice’s bookmarks. If you have an idea please write it in the comments section…

#ReadingIsFun with Pig the Pug

This term we are going to have some fun reading picture books with one of our favourite picture book characters…Pig the Pug. 

You can take Pig the Pug home for the night and read him a story and take a photo with him and your picture book. You can email your photo to me and I will add it to our #ReadingIsFun photo blog. 

If you want to take Pig the Pug home you need to come to the LRC this week and write your name and grade on a raffle ticket and put it in our #ReadingIsFun box.

I will select two names each day and those people will read to Pig the Pug that night and return him the next day. I have two Pig the Pugs to go home each night so we can read lots of picture books to him this term. 

Both Pig the Pugs come with instructions and a bag to protect Pig the Pug and your library book.


Please look after Pig the Pug and keep him safe and clean, have fun reading your story aloud to him and taking a photo…and remember that you only have the pleasure of Pig the Pug’s company for one night!


Stuff Happens: Dale by Adrian Beck

On Friday morning I received a rather mysterious tweet from our author friend, Adrian Beck. I arrived at the school office to discover Adrian had left four advanced copies of his new book (not due in the shops until May). When I looked inside the books I noticed Adrian had written messages to three very lucky students and one very lucky teacher librarian….

Last year Adrian instigated our very popular Yeo-low Medal Award as a fun way of promoting reading at our school and presented the Yeo-low Medal and football to our winners. It turns out that Adrian hasn’t forgotten those students. The copies of his latest book were for both winners of the Yeo-low Medal and for the student who was first to finish reading for the Yeo-low Medal.  I wish Adrian was there to see their surprised faces when I gave each student their book, followed by huge grins and a look of pride as they read their personal message from Adrian.

Thank you so much Adrian for continuing to promote and support reading at our school!


Adrian’s new book has been written for the Stuff Happens series which includes books written by a variety of Australian authors. The Stuff Happens books are real life stories where…

Stuff happens sometimes.
Everyday stuff. At school, at home, with sport, with mates.

For Dale, it happened during the school play…

I don’t want to give too much away about Dale’s story so all I’m going to say is:

If you are a redhead (any shade) who is regularly called Ranga, Ginger, Sauce, Strawbs, Bluey and other names…you should read this book!

If you have a dream to be on the stage one day…you should read this book!

If you are planning payback on a friend for something they did to you…you should read this book!

If you know the author Adrian Beck…you should DEFINITELY read this book!

As a redhead himself, Adrian has included some of his own experiences and uses his trademark sense of humour to tell Dale’s story so well…I know it’s going to be a popular book in our library!