Our Yeo-Low Medal Award 2016

Today was our second Yeo-Low Medal Award and an exciting day for the 73 students who completed the Reading Scavenger Hunt for our 2016 Yeo-Low Medal.

A rainy day forecast changed our school’s usual Footy Day plans so I decided to hold our Yeo-Low Medal Award in the library with our author friend Adrian Beck. Little did we know Adrian had a surprise for us and had invited Felice Arena along as well. How lucky were we to have two of our favourite authors in our library!!

Our Yeo-Low Medal readers should be VERY proud of their efforts to complete this year’s Reading Scavenger Hunt. Between them they have read over 600 books by Australian authors! I added a creative element this year and our library is currently a gallery of their creative work including cakes, Anzac biscuits, models, posters, poems, drawings, story cubes and book reviews about the books they have read.

During our award ceremony Adrian serenaded us with a song; we enjoyed sharing some of our creative work; people crossed their fingers hoping their name would be drawn for the Indigenous football (or two mini footballs) or that they were going to be presented with the Yeo-Low Medal this year. After cheering our winners, Felice had everyone up on their feet celebrating their fabulous reading efforts with his ‘Umpire Dance’. Today was a wonderful reminder that reading is fun!

Thank you so much Adrian and Felice for being so generous with your time and helping us to celebrate our Yeo-Low Medal Award. We are the luckiest school library in Australia!!

Here are some photos from our day….

A Yeo-Low Medal message

This term it has been wonderful to see so many of our Australian picture books and novels being read by students participating in our Yeo-Low Medal for reading. Wednesday, September 7th is the final day to hand in your Reading Scavenger Hunt and creative book response. We already have a Sherrin footy cake, poems, recipes, book reviews and posters handed in by some keen readers!

Our author friend Adrian Beck will be here again for our Footy Day to choose the name of the lucky reader to win the Indigenous football and to award our prestigious Yeo-Low Medal. Last year Adrian made fun videos to encourage students with their reading. When Adrian said he was sending a video this week for our Yeo-Low Medal readers I wasn’t quite expecting this!!!

Adrian has taken his encouragement to another level with some help from Shane Crawford and Lauren Phillips from the Kids’ WB program…

THANK YOU Adrian, Shane and Lauren!!


Quiet Reading with 2VL

I was delighted to receive an invitation from Mrs Van and 2VL to visit their classroom on Friday for Quiet Reading time. Thank you Sam for thinking it would be a great idea to invite me and to Mia who came to collect me from the LRC.

As I entered 2VL’s classroom I could see that everyone had their book open and each person was eager and ready to read. It was great to see quite a few books that people had borrowed from our LRC the day before. I chose to sit next to Ryan and settled into my chair with a new picture book I have bought for our library called The Nose Pixies (Nose pickers beware!).

Mrs Van put her timer on for 10 minutes and then the only thing we all had to do was relax, read and get lost in our book…bliss!!

Here are the 2VL students enjoying their Quiet Reading time (click on a photo to make it bigger)...

Thank you for inviting me 2VL and giving me an opportunity to drop everything and read! I might become a regular visitor to your Quiet Reading time…

Do you have Quiet Reading time in your classroom?
What do you like about Quiet Reading time?


The Yeo-Low Medal 2016

The Yeo-Low Medal for Best & Fairest Reader is back in 2016!

Reading for our Yeo-Low Medal is held in Term Three.  It is a Reading Scavenger Hunt that combines our love of Australian Rules Footy and reading! You can read HERE how it all started last year with our author and friend, Adrian Beck.

Everyone who successfully completes the Reading Scavenger Hunt receives a certificate and a chance to win our Indigenous football (a red one this year). They also have the opportunity to win our Yeo-Low Medal for Best and Fairest Reader.

Adrian will once again select the lucky winner of our Indigenous football on Footy Day on Friday, September the 9th and present the Yeo-Low Medal to a person selected for their reading effort in the Scavenger Hunt. Read HERE to see the fun we had last year and our lucky winners.

This year our Reading Scavenger Hunt is closely connected to our Book Week theme of Australia: Story Country and our Yeo-Low Medal readers will be challenged to read a variety of Australian authors and their stories.

Sign up for the Yeo-Low Medal and collect your Reading Scavenger Hunt sheet at the LRC by FRIDAY, JULY, 29th… 

What are you waiting for?
Footy, footy, footy…read,read, read!!

Reading is fun with our Pig the Pugs

When I was thinking of a way to remind everyone that reading is fun, I didn’t imagine that reading a picture book to Pig the Pug would be so popular!

During Term Two, our two Pig the Pugs went home with 86 students (and a teacher) to have over 86 books read to them! 

Our Pig the Pugs have become celebrities at our school! Each day I select two lucky peoples’ names written on raffle tickets and deliver Pig the Pug to them at lunchtime. I love the buzz in the corridor as students ask which class I’m going to and the excitement in the classroom as everyone waits to see who will be taking Pig the Pug home to read to that night.

Our Pig the Pugs have been lucky to listen to many different picture books including favourite books, precious family books and even the first book a person borrowed in Prep from our library. They have listened to stories with little brothers and sisters, favourite toys and family pets while in bed, on the couch, on a trampoline and out in the garden. They have been to basketball training, gymnastics and even accompanied someone to have an X-ray! Our Pig the Pugs have had dressing gowns and other outfits made for them as well as being dressed as a viking, reading champion and a ballerina!! They have been reminding us that reading is fun!

You can see our slideshow below for Term 2, but we will be starting a new slideshow for Term 3 on our #ReadingIsFunPage

After visiting so many homes it was time for our Pig the Pugs to have a much needed bath and time to relax before a busy time of #ReadingIsFun in Term 3…

If you want to take Pig the Pug home to read him a picture book you can get a raffle ticket at the LRC in the first week of Term 3…