Reading Minutes @ St Martin’s

To celebrate the Reading Hour and reading at our school we took on the challenge to see how many minutes our school could read during Book Week from Saturday, August 17th – Saturday, August 23rd.  We planned to count reading minutes at home and in our classrooms. We had no idea how many minutes we would read…

Congratulations to the 401 (out of 540) students and 8 teachers who took up our Reading Minutes Challenge.  Our combined Reading Minutes were…

glitter -

1655.8 hours

68.9 days

9.8 weeks

2.2 months

An awesome effort by everyone who read!!

Congratulations to our top three classes…

6AC – 11,754 minutes

3BJ – 8055 minutes

4ID – 6344 minutes

Click on the link to find your class Reading Minutes

How many minutes can our school read in a week?

The countdown is on to celebrate The Reading Hour on Saturday, August 24th.  Last year we had lots of fun wearing our pajamas to school for The Reading Hour.  This year we have a much bigger challenge….

If we add up the minutes everyone at our school reads at home and at school for a week what would the total number of minutes be???

Are YOU ready for our  Reading Hour Challenge?

Pocket Watch

We will be reading: Saturday, August 17th – Saturday, August 24th

All you need to do is your usual reading and then record the number of minutes you read.  In your classroom, your teacher will record when your class listens to a novel or picture book; does shared reading or when you Drop Everything and Read.

You will receive a sheet to record your reading and you can also print it from here if you need to Student Reading Minutes

How many minutes will YOU read?

How many minutes will your CLASS read?

How many minutes will our SCHOOL read?


Shelfie Challenge

What does your bookshelf look like?

This year one of our fun challenges to celebrate Book Week and The Reading Hour is to take a “Shelfie”…


Click on the page for easier reading!

We are looking forward to seeing lots of creative Shelfies on our LRC Blog in a Shelfie Slideshow for Book Week…

If your school reads this post and does a Shelfie Challenge too we’d love you to send us a link to your blog, send us a photo of your display or leave us a message so we can all share our Shelfie fun and passion for reading!
Miss Y 🙂