Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge 2016

The Premiers’ Reading Challenge is here once again,

It’s a great opportunity to read with your friends.

If your library goal is to read more books,

The reading lists have over 9000 books if you look.

Books that are sporty, scary, funny and true,

Lots of fabulous authors are waiting for you.

30 books is the challenge for Prep to Grade 2,

15 books for Grades 3-6 is the challenge for you.

So what are you waiting for, now is the time,

Start reading your books before our August deadline. 

Premiers’ Reading Challenge…

If you would like to participate in the Premiers’ Reading Challenge (PRC) this year please ask your parents to send me a note to let me know and I will send home your registration form at the beginning of Term Two.You will receive your username and password after I’ve registered you.

The PRC started in March this year so you can count books you have read since March 1st. The school holidays will be a perfect opportunity to read books for the PRC (and record them in your Reading Diary).

Click on the picture below OR click on the Premiers’ Reading Challenge page at the top of the LRC blog to find out more about the PRC and to download the PRC Booklists for 2016

Congratulations to our Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge readers!

A BIG congratulations to our 70 students from P-6 who participated in the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge this year and read 2,183 books!

More than 204,100 participants from 2,800 schools, early childhood settings and homes took up the PRC in 2015, reading nearly four million books. Since the program began in 2005, over two million students have read nearly 38 million books – placed end to end, that’s enough books to stretch from Melbourne to Mozambique in Africa!

Here is a wonderful thank you from some of our fabulous authors. I think you will recognise our author friend Adrian Beck who also inspired us with our reading with our Yeo-low Medal this year. 

You can also find your name on the PRC Honour Roll HERE.

A BIG congratulations to these children from P-6 who were awarded PRC medals for their fabulous reading this year. We also awarded one of our Year 6 students a school PRC medal for participating in the PRC every year!

Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge 2015

I will be registering students for the Premiers’ Reading Challenge (PRC) at the beginning of Term Two. If you would like to participate make sure you record your holiday reading!  

The PRC is a great way to challenge yourself to read regularly, try new authors and to join with other students in Victoria who are participating too! You can click HERE or on the Premiers’ Reading Challenge page at the top of our LRC blog to find out more and download this year’s reading lists.

Watch out for more information in our our first school newsletter next term…

Are YOU going to join the Premiers’ Reading Challenge?

A fabulous Premiers’ Reading Challenge 2013

Congratulations to the 110 students from Prep – Year 6 at St Martin’s who participated in the PRC this year and read an amazing 4204 books!!

In this year’s PRC more than 231,000 children and young people participated and together they read over 4 million books. What a fabulous effort!

You can view a personalised video and download your own congratulatory front page of The Age that’s yours to keep as a celebration of this year’s Challenge.  You can also find your name on the Online Honour Roll by clicking on the image below…

honour roll

Premiers’ Reading Challenge 2013

Are you looking for a challenge?

Join the Premiers’ Reading Challenge!

Last year 89 students took on the Premiers’ Reading Challenge and read 2,780 books between them!  I wonder if we can challenge ourselves to read and enjoy even more books this year…

If you love reading OR want to challenge yourself to read more then the PRC is perfect for you!  It’s a great way to try new authors and genres and a fun way to keep an online record of the books you have read.  You can even rate your books and nominate your favourite one!

Find out more information on our Premiers’ Reading Challenge page.

You can print the Consent Form HERE and bring it back to the LRC by Friday, March 22nd.