Happy Bookmas!

Happy Bookmas!

Thank you everyone for wonderful year of reading and learning in our library in 2016!

Who else could go on top of our Bookmas tree, but the star of our library…Pig the Pug! 

No one loves Christmas more than Pig.
And the world’s greediest Pug will stay up all night to get his presents!

Happy Christmas and have a fun and safe summer holiday!


Pig the Pug on Holiday

Pig the Pug has become quite a celebrity at our school! Over the past two terms he has gone home for the night with 153 students who have had fun reading him a story, taking a photo with him and some people have even dressed him up as you can see on our #ReadingIsFun page. So when it came to choosing a book character to travel overseas with me the choice was easy…it had to be Pig the Pug! Pig the Pug and I will be travelling together for a month to the USA and Canada as we visit Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, New York and Washington.

Our first stop is Seattle, Washington in the USA to meet Mrs Hembree who is the teacher librarian at Cougar Ridge Elementary School. We have been communicating via our library blogs and Twitter since 2011. In fact Mrs Hembree was our Library Angel in Seattle when our library was flooded on Christmas Day in 2011. Using her blog and Twitter,  Mrs Hembree asked other teacher librarians to send books to our library to help replace books we lost with water damage. Mrs Hembree also introduced us to Elephant & Piggie when she sent us two of their books and they are now one of the most popular book series in our library! Mrs Hembree is such an inspiration to me with her Books to Africa Project; the fabulous book trailers she creates and her students do too; her love of books and the way she uses technology in her library. I am very excited about meeting Mrs Hembree and visiting her library…

Watch this slideshow to see photos that Pig the Pug and I will post of our adventures along the way…

Click on the square to make the Slideshow full screen

Reading is fun with our Pig the Pugs

When I was thinking of a way to remind everyone that reading is fun, I didn’t imagine that reading a picture book to Pig the Pug would be so popular!

During Term Two, our two Pig the Pugs went home with 86 students (and a teacher) to have over 86 books read to them! 

Our Pig the Pugs have become celebrities at our school! Each day I select two lucky peoples’ names written on raffle tickets and deliver Pig the Pug to them at lunchtime. I love the buzz in the corridor as students ask which class I’m going to and the excitement in the classroom as everyone waits to see who will be taking Pig the Pug home to read to that night.

Our Pig the Pugs have been lucky to listen to many different picture books including favourite books, precious family books and even the first book a person borrowed in Prep from our library. They have listened to stories with little brothers and sisters, favourite toys and family pets while in bed, on the couch, on a trampoline and out in the garden. They have been to basketball training, gymnastics and even accompanied someone to have an X-ray! Our Pig the Pugs have had dressing gowns and other outfits made for them as well as being dressed as a viking, reading champion and a ballerina!! They have been reminding us that reading is fun!

You can see our slideshow below for Term 2, but we will be starting a new slideshow for Term 3 on our #ReadingIsFunPage

After visiting so many homes it was time for our Pig the Pugs to have a much needed bath and time to relax before a busy time of #ReadingIsFun in Term 3…

If you want to take Pig the Pug home to read him a picture book you can get a raffle ticket at the LRC in the first week of Term 3…


#ReadingIsFun with Pig the Pug

This term we are going to have some fun reading picture books with one of our favourite picture book characters…Pig the Pug. 

You can take Pig the Pug home for the night and read him a story and take a photo with him and your picture book. You can email your photo to me and I will add it to our #ReadingIsFun photo blog. 

If you want to take Pig the Pug home you need to come to the LRC this week and write your name and grade on a raffle ticket and put it in our #ReadingIsFun box.

I will select two names each day and those people will read to Pig the Pug that night and return him the next day. I have two Pig the Pugs to go home each night so we can read lots of picture books to him this term. 

Both Pig the Pugs come with instructions and a bag to protect Pig the Pug and your library book.


Please look after Pig the Pug and keep him safe and clean, have fun reading your story aloud to him and taking a photo…and remember that you only have the pleasure of Pig the Pug’s company for one night!


Pig the Winner by Aaron Blabey

Exciting news news that Aaron Blabey and Pig the Pug have a new book coming out on March 1st…

Pig was a pug and I’m sorry to say if he didn’t come first it would ruin his day. Won’t he ever learn?!

Pig, the world’s greediest Pug, won’t play fair. He’ll do anything to win!

What lengths will Pig the Pug go to so he can be the winner? What do you think will happen to Trevor in this book?