Book Week: Escape to Everywhere

This year’s Book Week theme is Escape to Everywhere. Books are like escape hatches and portals that allow us to escape to places real and imaginary, backwards and forwards in time, to walk in other people’s shoes and provide us with experiences and we may never have in our real lives.

Our library Book Week display was inspired by one of my favourite picture books A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston. Last week the Year 3-6 classes read this book and were captivated by the amazing images created using text from some of the classics of literature. We had some great conversations about where books can take us which we will be creatively exploring during our Book Week term in the library. Students were concerned about using real book pages in the display, but I explained our old smelly library book has been recycled or up-cycled and used creatively to represent a sea of stories, an ocean of adventures or whatever their imagination wants it to be….

Our Book Week celebrations include our Book Week Parade at 9.10am on Wednesday, August 23rd and then we can escape into some books when we return to school in the evening for our Escape to Everywhere Story Night (7-8pm). On Friday, August 25th the P-2 classes will have a morning visit from Anna Walker the winner of Book of the Year (Early Childhood) in 2016 for her picture book Mr Huff .

Don’t forget to join in our annual Yeo-Low Medal Reading Challenge and our Creative Book Week Challenge – you will find posters about these in the library and around the school.

We have a fun and creative term ahead celebrating reading and books!

A Child of Books Book Trailer:

Where do your favourite stories take you?

How to Catch a Star by Year One

During Term Two, the Year One Classes read some books by author and illustrator Oliver Jeffers. You can also explore his website Oliver Jeffers World based on his books.

The first book the Year Ones read was called Imaginary Fred that Oliver Jeffers recently illustrated for Eoin Colfer. Who knew that so many Year One students had their very own imaginary friend! One boy even let his imaginary friend choose and scan his library book for him during one library lesson! The Year Ones had fun drawing and writing about either their own imaginary friend or creating an imaginary friend they would like.

The Hueys in the New Jumper written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers gave the Year Ones an opportunity to discuss that there are times we can be like everyone and times when we can be different. It’s okay to be an individual and not like everyone else! Lots of original jumpers were created by the Year Ones for their own Hueys…

The Year Ones’ imaginations were really sparked when we read How to Catch a Star as you can see from the many creative and clever ways they have thought of how to catch a star…