Mrs Stewart's Learning Journey

Mrs Stewart has left on her 5 week Learning Journey and we hope she has a wonderful time making lots of new discoveries as she travels to other countries. 

Mrs Stewart and Ms Tieppo will be at  Thinking Conference in Malaysia this week.  Mrs Stewart is very excited about listening to and possibly meeting three of her favourite thinking gurus, Edward de Bono (The Six Thinking Hats), Tony Buzan (Mind Maps) and Howard Gardner (Multiple Intelligences).  Mrs Stewart will also be presenting a paper so we wish her GOOD LUCK! Mrs Stewart and Ms Tieppo will have lots of ideas about thinking to share with us when they return!

Mrs Stewart will travel with Mr Stewart after the conference to lots of different places including London, Paris, Ireland, Iona which is an island off Scotland and to Turkey and Gallipoli.  We hope she might have time to send some comments to our blog while she is away.