Thank you and goodbye from Miss Y

Just as our Year 6 students leave St Martin’s at the end of each year so they can continue to learn and grow, it’s time for me to leave so I too can continue to learn and grow as a teacher librarian with new experiences and challenges…

I was lucky to join the wonderful St Martin’s community in 2000 as a Year 3 teacher. In 2002 when Mrs Smith retired from the library, I was excited to return to being a teacher librarian again. Little did I know of the adventures ahead, including packing and moving our library twice, operating the library in the GECCO for two years, celebrating the official opening of our brand new library and only six weeks later part of the ceiling collapsed during the Christmas Day storm in 2011 and flooded the library.  One of my favourite memories happened not long after we moved into our new LRC when we had a visit from a kangaroo on Top Yard. Life is never dull when you work in a school library!

The students at St Martin’s are my ‘School Family’ and it has been a privilege and a joy to be a small part of your reading and learning journeys over the past 15 years. In that time we have shared hundreds of books; welcomed authors; held Book Fairs; celebrated Book Week; gathered for Story Nights; participated in the Premiers’ Reading Challenge; read for the Yeo-low Medal; had fun doing Creative Library Challenges; begun our mornings with BRB @ the LRC; enjoyed Lunchtime Library activities; tweeted with authors on Twitter, learned how to to use Infiniti, search with Google, evaluate websites, avoid plagiarism and keep safe online; and we have connected globally via our LRC Blog where we have collected lots of wonderful library memories since I began blogging in 2009…

Book Week

Lots of our Book Week celebrations over the years have been captured here. In 2015 every student contributed a light bulb to our Book Week  display and we celebrated Stories Light Up Our World @ St Martin’s with our first Story Night (a dream I had for a long time). In 2016 we saw lots of fabulous Australian book characters in our Book Week parade for Australia; Story Country. This year we celebrated Book Week 2017 with our Escape to Everywhere Story Night and 400 parents and students enjoyed stories read by our wonderful teachers on a wintery Melbourne night.

Author Visits

Some of the authors we have been lucky to enjoy visits from over the years include Socceroos’ goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer and Neil Montagnana-Wallace , Jacqueline Harvey visited us on her very first book tour for her Alice-Miranda series. Our whole school had one of the best days ever ‘Kicking Goals for Readers’ with Felice Arena, Adrian Beck and Michael Wagner One of our Year 3 classes enjoyed a Google Hangout with Tania Ingram who lives in South Australia.  Kathryn Apel visited from Queensland and inspired us to flex our poetry and creativity muscles to paint pictures with words while Anna Walker shared her delightful collage and water colour illustrations with the Junior classes.

Some students have also been inspired to go along to meet their favourite authors including Jeff Kinney, Michael Wagner, Jackie French, Andy Griffiths, Judith Rossell and Sally Rippin.

The Premiers’ Reading Challenge and the Yeo-low Medal

Our school has been participating in the PRC since 2011 and it has been wonderful to see students challenge themselves to read more and to read a wide range of books each year. Some students have eagerly participated in the PRC each year and all are acknowledged for their fabulous reading effort. Yes, you can win medals and trophies for reading!

We have our author friend, Adrian Beck to thank for our our very own Yeo-low Medal reading challenge that combines our love of AFL football and reading and I’m honoured that it is named after me! Students complete a reading Scavenger Hunt (usually based on the Book Week theme) to have the opportunity to win either an AFL Indigenous football or the coveted Yeo-low Medal for Best and Fairest Reader. We have enjoyed celebrating three Yeo-low Medal Award ceremonies in  2015, 2016 and 2017

Reading Fun

Over the years we have had lots of fun reading and being creative in different ways, including counting our school Reading Minutes for a week, creating levels for a 38-storey Treehouse, making funny faces for  ‘When the Wind Changed’, raising money for books to send to Bangladesh with Monster bookmarks and Hugless Douglas hugs,  wearing PJs on Champions Read and DEAR day, making a huge 124 flavour ice-cream, posing for our Shelfies @ St Martin’s Challenge, enjoying #Reading IsFun with Pig the Pug, showing our Library Love @ SMOT, trying Blind Dates with Books, unleashing creativity with a Bookmark Bonanza, enjoying Year 4 Sleepover stories in the LRC, travelling with Pig the Pug on holiday with Miss Y, sharing Pig the Pug with Mrs Hembree’s library in Seattle, meeting Andy and Terry at the studios at Kids’ WB, making a life-size book cover  with Adrian Beck, having fun painting dinosaurs with chocolate icing tweeting with Felice Arena as we read his books and many other every day happenings in our LRC that have been captured on our LRC Snapshots page. You can enjoy taking a ‘trip down Memory Lane’ looking through the 167 blog posts on our LRC Blog any time…

Thank you for 15 wonderful years in our library and for all the times you have made my heart sing. I have loved being your teacher librarian at St Martin’s where our library is the heart of our school and where I know a piece of my heart will always remain…

My hope is that each one of you will continue to READ, to be curious and creative and to be the best person you can be.

‘I wish you more stories than stars’ (Amy Krouse Rosenthal)

Happy reading!

Miss Y  x


Happy birthday to our Library!

Happy 5th birthday!!

It’s hard to believe that it was five years ago in November 2011 that we moved into our brand new library…time flies when you’re having fun!

Many of our current students don’t know about our original and much loved cosy little library that we had for 28 years or how we moved into the GECCO (our hall) for two years and transformed it into a library as we waited for our brand new library to be built. Read about it on our New LRC page and watch the video below…

The LRC is the place to be on PhotoPeach


Australia’s Great School Libraries – Honours List

St Martin’s has been nominated as a
“Great School Library”

In October 2015, FAIR (Freedom of Access to Information and Resources) joined with library associations and EducationHQ to seek nominations of Great School Libraries across the nation.

They were looking for libraries that help children and young people find reliable information; use the information effectively; think critically; make informed decisions; work productively with others; build knowledge and understanding of the world; safely navigate the internet; communicate and share their ideas; and find great reads to meet personal interests and abilities.

Nearly 600 students, teachers, parents, principals, library staff and other members of the community nominated more than 200 school libraries across Australia. 

A BIG thank you to Joaquin and his mum Maridel who nominated our library at St Martin’s. It is an honour to be on this list of Australian school libraries. You can read the 10 questions that nominators had to respond to HERE and scroll down to find our library on the list of Victorian schools.

Sadly there are many primary schools in Australia without a qualified teacher librarian and some schools that no longer even have a library. We are fortunate at St Martin of Tours to have both a library and a teacher librarian where our library is highly valued, much loved and where The LRC is the Place to Be…

Happy Library Lover’s Day!

Happy Library Lovers’ Day!

February 14th is Valentine’s Day and Library Lover’s Day!

February is also Love Your Library Month. Click here to remember the fun we had celebrating Love Your Library Month last year.

Blind Date with a Book:

February is also a perfect time to visit our LRC and have a Blind Date with a new author, book character or genre. You can also choose a book you have enjoyed reading and recommend it as a Blind Date for a friend.

Happy reading!

The Little Free Library @ Macleod

Have you seen the Little Free Library that is shaped like a space rocket at the park opposite the Macleod shopping centre? Isabella in 6Z and Mia in 3JC at our school help to look after the library on behalf of the Macleod shopkeepers and they are doing a great job!

Front view

Back view










The Little Free Library is a box full of books where anyone can stop and pick up a book to read. When you finish reading the book you can return it for others to read or donate one of your own books. You don’t need to be a member or even need a library card!  The idea is to “Take a book, return a book”

Little Free Library Story from Beargrass Media on Vimeo.

The Little Free Libraries first began in Wisconsin in the USA in 2009 and there are now more than 25,000 Little Free Libraries around the world. The libraries can be in public spaces or in people’s front yards (You might like to put one in your family’s front yard!).  

Take a look at the Little Free Libraries website HERE and photos of Little Free Libraries HERE 

I wonder if we might be able to set up a Little Free Library at the front of our school…what do you think? Leave your suggestions or ideas in the comment section…