Books Light Up Our World in our Library

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This year all of our students will have contributed to our library display for Book Week…

In Week Three, each student in their library class was given a light bulb to draw a book that has lit up their life. A book that has made them happy or sad or moved them in some way, or a book that has taken them on an adventure, made them think or taught them something.  By the end of the week after 21 classes we had 468 light bulbs! (Students who were absent will have a chance to add their light bulb too so hopefully we will have approximately 530 book light bulbs around our library). 

I had hoped to put all of the light bulbs together to create one large light bulb BUT we had a few too many light bulbs for that idea! So lots of light bulbs are also displayed around our library ‘lighting’ it up with books. It has been wonderful to see students excitedly searching for their light bulb, looking at the books other students have drawn or seeing who else likes their book.

On Friday our fireflies reading books were added to our display and each one has a message about books.

Brighten our day
Ignite our curiosity
Fuel our minds
Illuminate our understanding
Warm our hearts
Spark our imagination

Can you find your book light bulb on our slideshow?

Which book did you choose for your light bulb?