A happy little reader

At the beginning of the year this little person started borrowing at our library when his big sister started in Prep. He was three and a half years old.

You will see him borrowing in our library most mornings before school. He has his own little routine where he posts his library book in the Returns chute and then comes around and takes it out of the box and hands it to me and has a little chat. (I love it!) Then off he goes to find a book.

Recently he has been borrowing information books about sea animals. Our happy reader lines up with the big kids and knows to turn his book to the back so he can scan the barcode. He then puts his book in his library bag and happily wanders out to meet his mum. He has borrowed 22 books so far this year and he isn’t even at officially at our school yet! 

The other week our little reader popped into the library at the end of the day instead and I was teaching a Year 6 class. That didn’t worry him! He returned his book and went over ready to scan his new book. The Year 6s were watching in awe. When I asked if he had enjoyed the octopus book he explained that an octopus has suction cups on its legs. You could hear the jaws of the Year 6 students drop! He confidently scanned his book and went on his way…a happy little reader who feels at home in our library.


When Miss Y met Mrs Hembree…

From my previous blog post, you will know that when I planned my trip to Canada and the USA, the top of my list was to meet my teacher librarian friend Mrs Hembree who lives in Seattle, WA in America.

Mrs Hembree and I had never met in person, but had shared ideas using Twitter and our library blogs since 2011. Mrs Hembree was just as welcoming, warm and friendly as I had imagined and when we met our online conversation simply flowed into our face to face conversation!

On the Friday when I visited Cougar Ridge Elementary School, I smiled because I arrived just in time for a whole school fire drill and thought to myself…schools are very much alike all over the world! It was the beginning of the year in American schools so just like us, they too were practising their safety procedures.

It was such a treat to spend the day with Mrs Hembree in her library and to see what her library looks like and how she teaches her classes. The first thing I noticed was how similar both of our libraries are and I immediately felt at home….

Watching Mrs Hembree teach her classes (and helping out a bit too), I felt like I was watching myself! We are both very busy trying to use every single minute of our library time with each class. The difference is that I have 45 minute classes and Mrs Hembree’s classes are only 30 minutes and for both of us that includes student borrowing time!

I really enjoyed talking with the classes that came into the library and many students commented on my accent which of course I didn’t notice, but I had noticed their accents! Some of the students were really interested in the size of Australia and surprised that it takes about 10 hours to drive from Melbourne to Sydney or just over an hour by plane. They didn’t realise how big Australia is!

I even did some scanning as students borrowed their books and met a big fan of Andy and Terry’s Treehouse series who was very excited that I had brought a copy of The 78-storey Treehouse book for their library. I asked Mrs Hembree if he could be the first person to borrow the book when it was ready. I imagine he has read it by now!

Mrs Hembree very kindly gave us a signed copy of The Honest Truth for our library. Having see Mt Rainier the day before, I was very excited and we had a great discussion with some older students about the  Australian and American front covers of the book as they are quite different.

Mrs Hembree also gave us two books ‘hot off the press’ that our Piggie and Elephant fans are going to love! Thank you so much Mrs Hembree.

We gave Mrs Hembree’s library some book gifts from our library and their very own Pig the Pug. You can read the next blog post to see what fun Pig the Pug is having with the Year 3 students at Cougar Ridge.

You can read more about my visit to Mrs Hembree’s on her blog post HERE and you will also know why I’m sending an Aussie Christmas book to her library…

I am so glad I made the journey to meet Mrs Hembree and to meet someone just as passionate as I am about libraries, books, reading and technology on the other side of the world…which isn’t all that far when you use technology to connect!

Love Your Library Month

Did you know that February is….

Click on photo to enlarge

To celebrate “Love Your Library” in our library at St Martin’s, students will be involved in various activities in their library classes including making bookmarks, writing Valentines to their favourite book characters and having Blind Dates with Books…stay tuned!

“Why I love our LRC…”

This is a fun activity for any students who would like to participate and share in a creative way why they love (or like) our LRC. There will be some “bookish” rewards for the most creative ideas!  Your fabulous reasons will need to be in by Friday, February 28th.

You might like to…

Write a poem or a song
Draw or paint a picture 
Use Lego, Minecraft or playdough
Use an App on your device
Make a video or a poster
Design a library card for our LRC
Come up with your own creative idea!

Why Miss Y Loves the LRC…

Our LRC is the place to be,
Children come through our doors smiling with glee.
We have fantasy, adventure, mystery and humour too,
Genres to make reading fun for me and for you.
Our Story Chair is colourful and bright,
And the Story Keeper holds books that are ‘just right’.
Cushions and beanbags to relax in and read,
Make our St Martin’s library a great place indeed!

The Eltham Library – by Alessandra

Lots of our students belong to our  Yarra Plenty Regional Library.  Alessandra was lucky to visit the Eltham branch library which has recently been renovated.  What a wonderful outdoor space they have created for bookworms to relax and read their books…


On the holidays I went to the library at Eltham.  I went with my brother Matteus (4VL), our friend Jamie (4D) and my little sister Lucia.  I borrowed a Billie B. Brown book.  When I got home I started to read Billie B. Brown.  I love the library!

Alessandra (1PC)

You might like to visit the Billie B. Brown website HERE