Merry Christmas from the Lego Christmas tree!

When I was in Sydney a few weeks ago it was a lovely surprise to discover the Lego Christmas tree in the Pitt Street Mall. It is the tallest Lego Christmas tree in the Southern hemisphere…I felt smaller than usual in front of it!

The Lego Christmas tree is 10 metres tall (taller than an average two-storey house and wider than a car) and comes complete with Santa and his surfboard for our Australian Christmas! 

It weighs 3.5 tons, and is built from over half a million bricks using a combination of Lego and Duplo.  

A team of five people built the tree in about 1,200 hours. (Lots of patience and team work!)

There is a reindeer designed by 10-year-old Lego Club member Luke Francis, who entered and won a competition to have his creation on display.

Watch these videos of the Lego Christmas tree being constructed. They might inspire you to get creative with your Lego over the holidays.You might like to take some photos and email them to me at and I will post them on our blog!

Happy Christmas to everyone at St Martin’s!

See you in the LRC in 2015…

SMOT Lego Legends

At the end of last term we were inspired by Nathan Sawaya’s Lego sculptures.  I know quite a few students visited his Art of the Brick exhibition here in Melbourne over the holidays and were most impressed!

Some of our students have taken up the challenge to share their Lego creations with us.  What clever, creative and patient people they are…

(Don’t forget to click the arrows at the bottom to make  the slide full screen!)

If you want me to to add photos of your Lego creations you can put your usb (with your name on it in my Orange Basket) OR  email me at the LRC (my email address is on the LRC MyClasses page)

The Art of the Brick Lego Exhibition

This is one exhibition you won’t want to miss!! 

The Art of the Brick Lego Exhibition will be at Federation Square
June 2 – September 30  (10am – 5pm)
Click here for information

I know from doing Wet Day duty in classrooms that we have lots of students who love building and creating with Lego.  Nathan Sawaya is a New York artist and Lego Master Model Builder who takes creating with Lego to a whole new level!  He is recognised all over the world for the large scale 3D sculptures he creates out of Lego bricks.  

You can see some of Nathan’s amazing Lego sculptures at his online gallery   (Click on the images to make them bigger).   

I love one of his latest creations of the   Pop-Up Book   complete with a moat and castle. It is based on a poem Nathan wrote and the poem is printed on the “pages” of the book.   Imagine this book  in our LRC!! 

Nathan Sawaya

Nathan Sawaya, Lego Sculptor

  If you  go to this exhibition we would love to hear from you!

What do you like best about making things with Lego?

Which is your  favourite sculpture by Nathan Sawaya?

Do you have photos of your own Lego sculptures we could put on the LRC Blog?
(You can give them to me by using a photo, a usb or by emailing me)

Ben and Michael went along to the Art of the Brick Lego Exhibition…