KIZUNA – A message of hope for Japan’s students

KIZUNA is the Japanese word for “bond”

At the end of last term I read a message posted by another teacher on Twitter about a campaign called “KIZUNA” being organised by UNESCO.  You can read about the KIZUNA campaign here.  

The KIZUNA campaign is encouraging students from around the world to write a message of hope in a postcard to Japanese students and teachers affected by the tsunami in Japan to let them know that children around the world are thinking of them and that they are not alone.  I was overwhelmed to think that 30,000 postcards were needed so each student and teacher affected by the earthquake and tsunami received a postcard.

A BIG thank you to the students from 2TM, 3BP, 3BY, 4E, 5C, 5D 6SC and our Reading Recovery students who all made their own postcards to send to Japan with their messages of friendship and hope.  You can see some of their postcards here including Haruna’s postcard that she wrote in Japanese!

Grade 2TM did a mini unit with Mrs Mosbauer so they could understand more about the country and people of Japan before they made their postcards.  Click here to read about all of the wonderful activities they completed.  (The cherry blossom trees are my favourite!)
I posted our big envelope of postcards to Japan on Friday and I hope our messages will bring smiles and hope and a bond of friendship with our friends in Japan as well as the knowledge that they are not alone in the challenges they face…