“There’s a kangaroo on Top Yard!”

Today was already going to be an exciting day at school because parents were setting up for the School Fair on Bottom Yard.  Little did we know how exciting it was about to become.

It all started about 11am when 6SC were out playing a game of  Dodge Ball on Top Yard when a kangaroo came hopping across the yard! (Some students said it was the BEST game of Dodge Ball ever!!)

Next thing we all heard an announcement saying “There is a kangaroo on Top Yard and everyone has to stay inside”.  Teachers madly checked with each other to see if they heard the announcement correctly!!  Marcus C in 3S was in the Computer Lab when he looked up to see the kangaroo outside the Lab and LRC…what a surprise!!

The kangaroo then made its way to the corner of the yard near 1M’s classroom where it felt a bit safer.  Miss Y ventured out to help and also took her camera….


“There’s a kangaroo on Top Yard!” on PhotoPeach