Book Week Creative Challenge winners

One of the ways students can participate in the fun of Book Week is by joining in our  Book Week Creative Challenge. They are encouraged to unleash their imagination and creativity on the Book Week theme which this year was Books Light Up Our World

It is like Christmas for me as students bring in their fabulous creations and I love putting them around the LRC for everyone to enjoy. The hardest part is trying to choose winners and I’ve done my best. I have also included photos of some of our Creative Challenge entries, but this is by no means all of them…

Congratulations and a BIG thank you to everyone who participated in our Book Week Creative Challenge and lit up our library with your imagination and creativity…

First Place Winners:

Maya K (1MB)  Chloe S (3C)  Oliver V (1MB) Indiana O (5DV)  Imogen P (3C)

Second Place Winners:

Layla R (6P)  Lily A (1C)  Mia L (3C)  Tara C & Claire L (3JC) Monica (3C)  Genevieve B (5DV) & Naomi B (3C) Mackinlie L (4W) & Elijah (6P)

Third Place Winners

Sam B (1C)  Ethan P (1C) Audrey C (4VT)  Max A (1GC)  Lauren B (5A) Ethan S (6P)

Book Week Creative Challenge Winners on PhotoPeach

Book Week Creative Challenge on PhotoPeach

Do you have a favourite creation?

A Bookmark Bonanza

Over the past two weeks our LRC has been “creatively messy” as the Year 3 – 6 classes have been busily making their own bookmarks. Students used wrapping paper, old book pages, coloured paper and cardboard (and quite a bit of glue covered the table tops) as they connected books, reading, creativity and imagination to make their fabulous bookmarks.  They chose quotes that either reflected themselves as readers or quotes that would inspire them to read. Here is a selection of bookmarks from the 12 classes….

A Bookmark Bonanza on PhotoPeach

Hopefully these fabulous bookmarks will also encourage people not to bend the corners on the pages our library books!


Our 124 flavours ice cream (The 26-storey Treehouse)

We have been thoroughly enjoying reading The 26-Storey Treehouse written by Andy Griffiths and illustrated by Terry Denton.  We love the way they combine their imagination and humour!  Last week the Year 3 and 4 students were inspired by Terry and Andy (and Edward Scooperhands) to create their own flavours for our very own ice cream. Our ice cream has 124 different flavours….

(Click photo to enlarge)

Some of our ice cream flavours include…

Frozen bums
Cheese Touch Surprise
Candy Clouds
Green Thumbs
Luscious Lava
Last Night’s Dinner
Paint Spill
Slimy Brain
Crustacean Curry
Dragon Fruit Danger
Dad’s Socks
Pigs Can Fly
Footy Fab
Cheezels and Burger Rings Supreme
Rock Solid 

What flavour ice-cream would you create?

We wonder what Andy and Terry might think of our ice-cream flavours…