A Passion for Reading

A poem by Taylor R…

I had a lovely surprise in my emails last night from Taylor R in 4E.  Taylor wanted to share with me the poem she had written.  Taylor is an avid reader whose love of books was obvious from her  first visit to the LRC in Prep!  Taylor’s poem definitely reflects her passion for reading and books…

I love to Read

A Passion for Reading

In a book you dare to open

Excitement you will find,

Brought to life by a clever person

Who has an extraordinary mind.


With images presented inside

Forming others in your brain,

Off your imagination goes

On an unknown street or plain.


When you read the words aloud

The magic comes to life,

Ending happily or sadly

Or sometimes in deep strife.


A big thankyou to those

Who love to write and draw,

Teaching children good and bad

So afterwards they just want more.


By Taylor R   ©

Thanks for sharing  with us on the LRC Blog, Taylor!



Guest post by Alex D…

Alex D in Year 5 is another student who enjoys creating and building with Minecraft and has kindly offered to share some of his work.

The 3 doors – wood, gold and silver from Emily Rodda’s new “Three Doors” trilogy

A bird’s eye view of Alex’s village

A closer view

Alex’s home in his village

Heaven with creatures

Thank you for sharing your creativity using Minecraft with us Alex.  There are definitely more students using Minecraft than I would have thought!

Student Action Teams – Save Water

Guest post – Nicholas R…

During Term Two our Year Fives worked in Student Action Teams (SAT) on the topic of Sustainability.

Glass of Water

They researched various areas of Sustainability with the focus being on Waste.  Nicholas R’s  SAT chose to focus on WATER.  They created a website which includes tips, ideas and planners to help you to be more waterwise.  You can visit their website here and it is also in our Useful Websites on our LRC blog.



A Guest post by Matthew C…

Ever wanted to build your own creations? Well Minecraft is the best option for you.

Minecraft is an excellent game for creative people.  It is one of the most creative games ever! You can build villages, cities, towns and more things, even libraries in a 3D world!

There are four different types of levels to challenge you: Peaceful, Easy, Normal and Hard.

Mining is part of the game.  You can mine coal, iron, redstone, lapis lazuli, gold and diamonds.  You can use multiple building blocks  to create your buildings eg. wooden planks, bricks and glass.

I got into Minecraft because of the creativity and the building side of it.  I like architecture and that’s why I like Minecraft.

This is the main town with the city in the background
This has Mini Game Mania, McDonalds and the Library
This is the airport
This is a village I’ve made with a friend by using the multi-player function

If you are interested in finding out more about Minecraft you can ask me some questions in the Comments section.

Matthew C  6CZ

Matthew has asked me to add these pictures by Alexander T.  Alexander has created two murals – Colours of the Sky and Deep Dark Forest.  Great job Alexander!

 Thank you for your guest post Matthew.  After seeing what you have created with Lego, I’m not surprised that you also enjoy creating and building with Minecraft.  I love the Library you created for me!  I’m sure your images will inspire other students to be creative with Minecraft.

“A book & chocolate combo”

A Guest Post by Matteus…

On the 14th of July during the Term 2 holidays I went to a shop called The Chocolate Master in Thornbury with Nicholas C in 3BP who was having a sleepover at my house. My two sisters Alessandra in Prep JC and Lucia also came along.

We went to our local library in Rosanna first where I borrowed Uncanny by Paul Jennings and Nicholas borrowed  Paddington by Michael Bond. ( At the moment I am reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets).

Once we borrowed our books we went to The Chocolate Master.  It was a very small shop with adorable chocolates.  There were big chocolates, small chocolates, rectangular chocolates, shoe chocolates, Buddah chocolates and LOADS more.  We got to buy a pack of chocolates.  Nicholas chose three chocolate stars.  Both of my sisters chose a baby bottle with little chocolate buds.  My mum bought three chocolate koalas.  I did not buy anything because I did not know what to choose (It was because they all looked so delicious!).  So, because I did not choose anything I got to eat one of my mum’s chocolate koalas.

While we were there we read our books and drank a hot chocolate that my mum had bought us.

Here are some photos to show you what it looks like…









Matteus S in 3BY.

Thank you for your guest post Matteus.  I can’t think of anything better than a combination of books and chocolate!  I’m definitely going to visit The Chocolate Master with my book to read while I’m sampling their scrumptious chocolates.  I wonder who else might be planning a visit after reading your post?