Prep PV and Grug

Today at recess I had a lovely surprise when a student from Prep PV popped into the library to read me the book she had written and illustrated about Grug. She also invited me to visit Prep PV where I found the whole class had spent the morning having lots of fun working as authors and illustrators. 

Mrs Vincent had read Prep PV the story of Grug and then the clever students had a go at writing and illustrating their own stories about Grug. There were lots of fabulous front covers, great ideas, neat handwriting, colourful illustrations and some books even had their own blurb at the back. The fun didn’t stop there…everyone also made their own Grug character to go with their book!

Thank you for inviting me to share your Grug stories today Prep PV and Mrs Vincent…you made my teacher librarian heart sing!

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Have fun reading your Grug story to your family!