Home again!

I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel as I walked up to the LRC on January 6th with my key in my hand.  However, I didn’t need to worry…the friendly alien was still there and greeted me with a big smile saying “Take me to your readers”. As I walked through the LRC door I was met by the familiar scent of our library and as I looked around everything seemed in its place just as as it was twelve months ago as though I had never been away…I took a deep breath, smiled and knew I was home!

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Mrs Philp who did the most wonderful job keeping the LRC running smoothly, buying books, inspiring students with her lessons, resourcing classroom teachers, organising Book Week, running the Book Fair, hosting author visits and ensuring the LRC was still “The place to be”.  I hope one day she will become a teacher librarian because we need teachers with her passion and skills in our school libraries.

In case you were wondering what I was up to in 2014.  I had a wonderful Gap Year that took me to NSW, ACT and WA with adventures and fun along the way as well as time to stop and relax and read!  These are a few of my (many) photos…

The LRC blog is taking a Gap Year

Miss Y and the LRC Blog will be taking a Gap Year for 2014…

The LRC Blog will still be here for you to read, use and enjoy.  You can search for some of your favourite blog posts by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right corner and typing in keywords (eg Wimpy Kid) or search the Archives on the righthand side.  You can check when your favourite authors are releasing new books at our Author Websites page. Don’t forget to use our LRC Website where you will find Search Engines (other than Google) to use and you will also find our Copyright & Creative Commons page with links to photos and music you can use by crediting the creators.

I know you will look after our wonderful LRC and help Mrs P next year.  Keep borrowing and enjoying lots of great books and have a fabulous year of reading and learning in 2014!

It’s always “Book o’ clock” at our LRC.  Happy reading…

Miss Y xo