Tell Me a Dragon

This term the Year One and Two classes will be exploring the world of dragons in their unit called Tell Me a Dragon.

We have lots of great stories to share during our Library lessons and we hope to create some of our own dragons.  To start our unit we did a brainstorm of what we already know about dragons. Some of our brainstorm ideas are presented  in this Wordle.

Dragon wordle

(Click on the Wordle to make it bigger)

What else do you think we could add to our brainstorm about dragons?


Mary Poppins review by Jordyn

Jordyn from 4V has agreed to be our very first guest blogger and tell us about her visit to the theatre to see the stage production of Mary Poppins. Thank you Jordyn!

Mary Poppins is now out on stage.  People from all around Australia are coming here to Melbourne to watch it.   My mum, dad, sister and I went to see it at Her Majesty’s Theatre.  The two lead roles (Bert and Mary) were sick on the night I went so they had understudies.  They have put all types of dancing in the show like jazz and tap.  My favourite scene was the supercalifagilisticexpialidocious scene because it was very magical.

mary poppins


Have you been lucky enough to see Mary Poppins too?  We’d love to hear your comments.


The Legend of the Golden Snail by Graeme Base

The latest book by Graeme Base is The Legend of the Golden Snail.



Inspired by the tale of a Magical Golden Snail banished to the Ends of the Earth by a  Grand Enchanter, a young boy named Wilbur sets out on a daring voyage to find a legendary snail and claim it as his own.  Along the way he encounters strange creatures and overcomes many challenges.  Finally he reaches the Ends of the Earth, but what he finds there is not quite as he imagined….

 See if you can find the snail’n’crossbones symbols hidden in every illustration

Watch the book trailer to find out more…



Graeme Base explains how you can use Augmented Reality to sail the Golden Snail for yourself…how cool!!! 



 Go and explore Graeme Base’s website and complete the CHALLENGE so you can activate your webcam and sail the Golden Snail for yourself!!


Boy vs Beast – Battle of the Borders

Fans of the Boy vs Beast series will be excited that the next four books in the series have been released.  These books are the Battle of the Borders.

Over time the edges of the four lands (fire, rock, water and air) have mixed and they have created border-lands.  The beasts from each world also mixed and this created a new kind of combination beast – the border-land beast.  Meet the new beasts Kai has to battle…

P9020026 (Small)


Book 5Tempesta (the Storm beast) 

Book 6 – Sludgia (the Mud beast)

Book 7 Isolus (the Ice Beast)

 Book 8 – Volcan (the Volcano beast)


Boy vs Beast series

Boy vs Beast is an exciting new fantasy series for younger readers. It is a battle of the worlds between the Beasts from Beastium and the Border Guards from Earth. There are four books in the series Aquatan, Tornados, Terradon and Infernix.

Listen to this Fotobabble to find out more about the series…

You can visit the Boy vs Beast website and read about the books, create your own beasts, enter the Battle Chamber and play the Battle of Beastium game

What do you like about the Boy vs Beast series?