Boy vs Beast – Battle of the Borders

Fans of the Boy vs Beast series will be excited that the next four books in the series have been released.  These books are the Battle of the Borders.

Over time the edges of the four lands (fire, rock, water and air) have mixed and they have created border-lands.  The beasts from each world also mixed and this created a new kind of combination beast – the border-land beast.  Meet the new beasts Kai has to battle…

P9020026 (Small)


Book 5Tempesta (the Storm beast) 

Book 6 – Sludgia (the Mud beast)

Book 7 Isolus (the Ice Beast)

 Book 8 – Volcan (the Volcano beast)


Spotlight on 1E


I think that the E in 1E must stand for ENTHUSIASTIC!  The students in1E are very enthusiastic borrowers at our LRC.  Recently they have enjoyed sharing some of the things they have done after reading books they have borrowed.

Lucas R started it when he brought a photo of a science experiment he had done after borrowing one of our Science books.  This inspired Marc R who did a Dissolving Experiment and brought his photo of some of the things he dissolved including some sugar, coffee and oil.  Can you see what happened?



Lachlan B has been enjoying the Boy vs Beast books and website and he brought in three beasts he created on the Boy vs Beast website.  He called them Toothy, Face and a Half and Armour Dragon.  I don’t think I’d like to battle against  Armour Dragon who has two heads!!

Armour Dragon

 Face and a Half 


Boy vs Beast series

Boy vs Beast is an exciting new fantasy series for younger readers. It is a battle of the worlds between the Beasts from Beastium and the Border Guards from Earth. There are four books in the series Aquatan, Tornados, Terradon and Infernix.

Listen to this Fotobabble to find out more about the series…

You can visit the Boy vs Beast website and read about the books, create your own beasts, enter the Battle Chamber and play the Battle of Beastium game

What do you like about the Boy vs Beast series?