Boy vs Beast series

Boy vs Beast is an exciting new fantasy series for younger readers. It is a battle of the worlds between the Beasts from Beastium and the Border Guards from Earth. There are four books in the series Aquatan, Tornados, Terradon and Infernix.

Listen to this Fotobabble to find out more about the series…

You can visit the Boy vs Beast website and read about the books, create your own beasts, enter the Battle Chamber and play the Battle of Beastium game

What do you like about the Boy vs Beast series?

Do you have a Ripper Read?

It was great to read Laura M’s comment that she likes to look at our Ripper Reads Page when she is looking for a good book!  However, we haven’t updated our Ripper Reads for a while and it’s time to add some of those fabulous books I know you have been reading this year. 

If you would like to contribute a Ripper Read you need to go to our Ripper Reads Page and follow the format that is there to help you write about your book.  You can type your Ripper Read information into the comment box on the page and then I will add it to our Ripper Reads Page – it’s THAT easy!!

Ripper Reads


Hugless Douglas

Today I read one of our new Picture Books to Prep JC and Prep CV.  It is called Hugless Dougless and is written and illustrated by David Melling. (We also love his book The Kiss That Missed). 

Hugless Douglas is a bear who wakes up from his long winter sleep in need of a hug.  He hugs lots of things but none of them are quite right until rabbit helps Douglas track down the BEST hug. 



The Preps talked about their favourite type of hugs and then we had lots of fun looking at the different types of hugs at the end of the book including  the back to back hug, the daisy chain hug, the solo hugthe upside down hug and the come and get it hug.  We even tried out some of the hugs…we liked doing the daisy chain hug!

When Mrs Vincent came to collect Prep CV she was freezing cold and wished she could warm up.  Prep CV knew EXACTLY what would warm Mrs Vincent up so they gave her a big, warm 

Prep CV GROUP HUG!!!!!

group hug

Space Scout series

 space scout

Zac Power has company!!  Space Scout is an exciting space travel series set in the future.  The hero of the series is 12 year old Kip Kirby who is the youngest  ever  Space Scout and on a mission to save mankind.

The earth’s population has grown so large that the earth has become overcrowded and there are not enough resources for everyone.  World Corp is sending our Space Scouts to find another planet for people to live on – Earth 2.  Kip and his co-pilot Finbar (half arctic wolf and half human) fly around in his grumpy starship using  lots of high-tech gadgets to help them assess each planet and find out about its inhabitants. 

Click here to explore the Space Scout Portal where you can find out more about the books, the characters and play some games.

We have copies of the first 4 books in the series so far…

  • The Big Freeze
  • The Jelly People
  • The Robot King
  • The Shrinking City

Mr Stink by David Walliams

If you enjoy reading Roald Dahl then you are going to enjoy one of our new books.  Mr Stink is written by David Walliams and illustrated by Quentin Blake (Roald Dahl’s illustrator)

Chloe is a lonely girl who is overshadowed by her disgustingly talented sister. She makes friends with Mr Stink who is the local tramp and even though he stinks he the only person who has ever been nice to her. However, their friendship strikes a problem when Choe’s mum stands for election and wants to rid the town of tramps. Chloe comes up with a plan that has unexpected consequences and secrets are revealed…

mr stink


You might like to listen to a little bit of the beginning of the story…