The Amazing Tashi Activity Book

The exciting news for Tashi fans is that The Amazing Tashi Activity Book has been released this month!  Definitely a book to put on your Christmas list!

Tashi activity book


In The Amazing Tashi Activity book you’ll find lots to do plus a fold-out with Tashi’s very own Board Game.

Are you good at puzzles? Try Tashi’s Treasure Chest of Words or his Tricky Word Puzzle or complete the Incredible Crossword. Can you find the Baron’s gold with the treasure map? Or help Tashi rescue the children in the Warlord’s maze? How will Tashi escape from the dungeon?

What will you make first? A boat? A dragon? The tiger pop-up card? You could make a diorama of Tashi’s world or bake Ah Chu’s favourite fish cakes.

And then there’s a brand new Tashi story to read. In ‘Tashi and the Strangers’ a new family stumbles into the village, with General Zeng’s soldiers on their trail. How will Tashi save them?

Tashi and the Golem

The sixteenth Tashi book by Anna and Barbara Fienberg is out now!  This book is called Tashi and the Golem.  In this adventure Tashi and his friends use clay and magic to make a golem who will stand up to the bully boy, Bang Bang.  Will their big Golem obey them?  Can they rescue Ah Chu’s baby sister from the River Pirate before the pirates sail away?



Click here if you would like to know more about how a Tashi book is written, illustrated and printed.

When you read Tashi and the Golem we would love to hear what you enjoyed about Tashi’s adventures in this story.


Leigh Hobbs at his book signing

This afternoon I went to Collins bookshop at Northland to buy a copy of Mr Chicken Goes to Paris for our LRC and have it signed by Leigh Hobbs.  I was very pleased to meet Mackenzie from 3BD who was there with her mum and brother.  We were second and third in line to meet Leigh.  Leigh happily chatted and signed our books and a poster for our LRC as well as posing for photos.  We are so lucky to have such a talented children’s author and illustrator who likes to meet the people who enjoy reading his books!

 Leigh Hobbs & Mr Chicken

We are going to read Mr Chicken goes to Paris this week in the LRC.  I’m really looking forward to sharing this book with you…

What was your favourite part of Mr Chicken Goes to Paris?


Cupcake Characters

cupcakesToday Mrs Collins bought in two decorated cupcakes to share and they looked too good to eat!  The cupcakes had been decorated as the faces of a girl and a pirate!  They were very detailed and the person who decorated them must be very patient.  As you can see from the photo they were works of art (but delicious too!!).

It got me thinking about how much fun it would be to make book character cupcakes.  I would definitely have to have Old Tom with his swirly eye and you could make Charlie and Lola cupcakes too!

 Which book character would you like to make into a cupcake?  What details would you put on the cupcake for your character?