Book Week Parade

On Wednesday of Book Week it looked like lots of our favourite book characters had come to life as our school assembled on Top Yard for our Book Week Parade. It was wonderful to see the imagination and creativity people used to transform into their favourite book characters. These are a few snaps on the day of students and teachers as book characters …

Which book characters do you know?


Stories To Light Up Our Night @ St Martin’s

Our ‘Stories To Light Up Our Night’  Book Week event on Wednesday night was a magical evening of sharing and celebrating stories with our families, friends and as a school community. It was a wonderful example that books and reading are alive and well at St Martin’s.

The excitement almost rivalled a football Grand Final as children wearing their pyjamas and armed with pillows, returned to school under cover of darkness with their parents to enjoy an hour of stories in their classrooms and the LRC. Thank you to the 150+ families (over 350 parents and children) and fabulous storytelling teachers who made it an evening to remember…

What did you enjoy most at ‘Stories To Light Up Our Night’?

Happy Book Week!

Happy Book Week everyone!

Book Week has finally arrived! We will be celebrating on Wednesday by lighting up our school with stories and book characters during our Book Week Parade, class activities and our ‘Stories to Light Up Our Night’ event…see you there! 

Have you seen the fabulous Book Week banner in our school office yet?  A BIG thank you to our talented Mrs Ray and Ella (5O) and the children who drew the fabulous book covers…Olivia (3M), Jasper (4G), Jack (4VT), Lauren (5A), Campbell (6P), Jack (6Z) and Maya (6Z). 

This year our Book Week celebrations are dedicated to our friend and former teacher and colleague Colleen Scully who passed away recently. Colleen was an inspiring, passionate and fun loving teacher who in her role as Reading Recovery Teacher always found creative ways to make reading fun for those children who needed a little extra help to begin their reading journey.  

Book Week was one of Colleen’s favourite times of the school year where her amazing creativity and passion for books and reading were on full display. She loved inspiring staff to make the Zart Art crafts for Book Week with their classes and adding her own creative touches. We hope we will do you proud this year Colleen…

Stories to Light Up Our Night

This year’s Book Week theme Books Light Up Our World lends itself perfectly to doing something I have been wanting to do in our LRC for a long time. Now everyone can discover how magical our library is at night…

Come along in your pyjamas, bring a comfy cushion (or pillow pet) and celebrate Book Week and The Reading HourEnjoy an hour of fabulous stories with your family and friends that will light up your night!

Are you going to join us?

Books Light Up Our World in our Library

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This year all of our students will have contributed to our library display for Book Week…

In Week Three, each student in their library class was given a light bulb to draw a book that has lit up their life. A book that has made them happy or sad or moved them in some way, or a book that has taken them on an adventure, made them think or taught them something.  By the end of the week after 21 classes we had 468 light bulbs! (Students who were absent will have a chance to add their light bulb too so hopefully we will have approximately 530 book light bulbs around our library). 

I had hoped to put all of the light bulbs together to create one large light bulb BUT we had a few too many light bulbs for that idea! So lots of light bulbs are also displayed around our library ‘lighting’ it up with books. It has been wonderful to see students excitedly searching for their light bulb, looking at the books other students have drawn or seeing who else likes their book.

On Friday our fireflies reading books were added to our display and each one has a message about books.

Brighten our day
Ignite our curiosity
Fuel our minds
Illuminate our understanding
Warm our hearts
Spark our imagination

Can you find your book light bulb on our slideshow?

Which book did you choose for your light bulb?