Our Book Fair is coming!

Every two years we hold a Book Fair to raise money for books and resources for our LRC. It is a great opportunity to discover new authors or old favourites and buy a special book to add to your own library and help our school library too!

You will be able to preview our Book Fair and write a small Wish List during library classes in Week Two.

Our Book Fair will be open for buying books during Parent Teacher Interviews so you can visit with your parents. It will also be open from Tuesday – Thursday the following week (after our pupil free days) at the times above.

I can’t wait for our Book Fair to be delivered this Friday and open the bookcases to see what books are inside! Then it will be a busy time setting the Book Fair up so it’s ready for everyone to come and see the books too…

Do you have a book you hope will be at our Book Fair?

Book Fair…books, books and more books!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came to our Book Fair this year and helped to make it a great success!  

On Friday there were lots of “Book Mountains” appearing on the LRC floor as I finalised the book orders for each class…

Once Upon a Slime, The 39-storey Treehouse, Don’t Look Now, Big Nate Out Loud and Caesar the War Dog were among the most popular books. I hope the people who bought the Christmas Cooking book will bring some of their Christmas cooking in to share!

Three classes in particular stood out for the large number of books they had ordered.  I know what the students in 5WM, 4V and 6CC will be doing over their Melbourne Cup break…

I was met by lots of cheers as I delivered the books to classrooms. It made my heart sing to know that reading is alive and well at St Martin’s!

It’s Book Fair time @ the LRC

Last week as classes arrived in the LRC lots of students wanted me to open up the 6 large silver cases lined up in our Non Fiction area! They knew the cases were bookshelves filled with lots of great books and activities for our Book Fair.  

Last Friday, Mrs R and I set up the Book Fair and it is ready and waiting for classes to preview and write their Wish Lists this week during library lessons…

You can click on the photos to enlarge them


Friday, October 18th:                    9.15am – 4.30pm  (Classes buying day)

Monday, October 21st:                  8.30am – 9.00am AND 3.30 – 4.30pm

Tuesday, October 22nd:                8.30am – 9.00am AND 12.15pm – 5.00pm                                                  

See you @ our Book Fair!

Champions Read Book Fair

It is very exciting to be having our first Book Fair in our new LRC!  It has been four years since we have been able to have a Book Fair because our old LRC was demolished and we had to wait for a new one to be built.   Some of the older students still remember the books they bought from our last Book Fair!!

Our Book Fair is an opportunity for you to buy some great books for your home library.  At the same time you can help our LRC to raise money and this year we are hoping to buy  some  iPad2s for the LRC!

We have been busy getting our Book Fair ready…

Week Two: Preview Week       (July 23rd – 27th)

Each class will have the chance to look at books during their class library session.  You can look at all of the great books and write down a few you like on your Wish List to show your parents

Week Three: Buying Week   (July 30th – August 2nd)

You will be able to buy a book before OR after school Monday—Thursday OR during your class library session. The LRC will also be open for mums and dads from 1.30pm—7.30pm on the Tuesday evening of Parent Teacher interviews.

If your mum or dad can help at our Book Fair please remind them to fill in the Book Fair Helper form in the newsletter or download it here Book Fair Helper Form

Did you spot something you liked when you visited our Book Fair?