Visiting Holy Rosary @ Kensington’s library

I was very honoured last week to be invited to talk to other teacher librarians about why they should have a library blog and to give them some blogging tips.  

On Wednesday I made my way across the city to Holy Rosary primary school at Kensington (near Flemington). I was so excited that I would finally be visiting their library that has recently undergone a make-over. (It’s great to see what other libraries look like and share ideas!)  Mrs Bergin is their amazing teacher librarian who is full of energy and always has a big smile on her face!  

Mrs Bergin has created a bright, welcoming and vibrant library. I felt at home the minute I walked in and you could tell that their library is a place that is really used and valued in their school. Great job Mrs Bergin!  (You’re lucky I’m not still there on one of your comfy couches lost in a book!)  A BIG thank you too to Thomas in Grade 6 who made sure I had a coffee when I arrived and escorted me to the library so I didn’t get lost!










I’m hoping that after my presentation there will be some more library blogs being created ready for next year….

Welcome to 6C’s Discovery Adventures blog

It is very exciting to welcome our first Year 6 blog!  Miss Canning has been working very hard to create the Discovery Adventures of 6C blog.  Their blog header and quote from J.R. Tolkien are veryinspiring! Enjoy being part of the blogging community and making connections near and far 6C.  We will look forward to reading your blog and sharing in your discovery adventures…

Make sure you take a peek at some of Miss Canning’s photos on their “Where in the World” page.  That’s a mighty big crocodile!

Welcome to Prep M’s class blog

A BIG welcome to Prep M’s class blog called ‘Love to Learn’.  Now all of our fabulous Preps have their own class blog.  Click on the picture below and listen to Mrs Menta’s voki.  Check out the bookshelf to see what Prep M are reading.  Make sure you watch the videos of Prep M’s dance moves and leave them an encouraging comment.

We are looking forward to sharing your learning throughout the year on your “Love to Learn” blog Prep M.

Happy blogging Prep Magnificent!

Welcome to “Music with Miss K”

Miss K is our Music teacher and she is new to St Martin’s this year.  Miss K  has been working hard with other teachers who are learning how to blog  and she has created our new Music blog called Music with Miss K .

Miss K says:

“The exciting thing about having a music blog is that our music community can expand past the boundaries of our school grounds. We can also extend our musical learning and appreciation outside class time and share stories, information and ideas that we don’t always have time for in the classroom.”

Click on the picture below to explore “Music with Miss K”…

Happy blogging Miss K!

Welcome to 4EH’s Class Blog

It’s raining blogs at St Martin’s!  

Today 4EH launched their Super Dooper Adventures Blog.  It is wonderful to see how much input they have had into their blog name, layout and what pages they want to include in their blog.  Click on the photo below and take a peek at the ICT and Art pages where they already have some fabulous work to share.  We are going to enjoy following the Super Dooper Adventures this year in 4EH….