Books and desks for Bangladesh

At the end of Term 4 in the LRC last year we did some “Paying it Forward”. We had a lot of fun activities including making Book Monster bookmarks  to raise money for Miss Wilkinson to help buy her books for the children in Bangladesh that she teaches.  You can read how much money we raised and see our photos here.

Miss Wilkinson came back to visit and share with us how she has used our money to help some of the children in Bangladesh…

Did you know….

Bangladesh’s population is 160 million
70 million children live in Bangladesh
Victoria’s population is 5 and a half million
Bangladesh has 6 seasons – Summer, Rainy (flooding), Autumn and late Autumn, Winter (warm with no rain and LOTS of mosquitoes) and Spring
Favourite sports – cricket, soccer and badminton
Favourite foods – fish, mangoes, lychees, pineapples, rice and dahl

We were very proud when Miss Wilkinson told us we had helped two schools…

The school at Khulna

The school at Khulna is 12 hours by bus and ferry from Dhaka where Miss Wilkinson lives. The school is made of concrete to protect it from cyclones. The children sit on the concrete floor to do their lessons which isn’t very comfortable in winter when the concrete gets wet and muddy.  Miss Wilkinson used some of our money to have wooden desks made for the children…

The school at Dhaka

The school at Dhaka is 12 minutes from where Miss Wilkinson lives.

The children come to school to learn and eat.  

Miss Wilkinson used our money to buy sets of books to help the children learn to read and learn English.  

Lauren M in 4VL gave Miss Wilkinson a small donation before she left.  Lauren was  very happy to hear that her money has helped Sara and her family. Lauren’s generosity allowed Sara to have a blood transfer which has enabled her to keep going to school.

We are really pleased and proud to see that by working together at St Martin’s we have been able to help Miss Wilkinson and some of the children in Bangladesh who are not as lucky as we are here in Australia.