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St Martin of Tours primary school is in Melbourne, Australia.Β 

Our Library Resource Centre (LRC) is staffed with a full time qualified teacher librarian. Β Literature, Information Literacy and library skills are taughtΒ to the 21 classes that visit the LRC each week. Don’t be surprised if you pop in any morning before school to find lots of children lost in books…

We are excited that you have visited our LRC Blog and welcome your comments!

At our school
Β “The LRC is the place to be”…

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55 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi everyone,
    All that was said about the LRC is true, especially the last line for it really is the place to be. Ever since getting the blog I think that more and more people know about SMOT and it’s fantastic library and knowing that people from overseas have come on is really…WOW!!! I bet they all agree that our LRC is the place to be.

    Ruby F 4V

  2. If you had to be locked away for a weekend in a room at a school, you would definitely choose the St Martin’s LRC because it is by far the best place to be! Go for a visit to see for yourself.

  3. Hi everyone,
    The LRC is the place to be!! I love going to the LRC
    because I enjoy the lessons from start to finish and
    borrow lovely books to read.
    I am always learning something new.

    Taylor 2d

  4. Dear Miss Y,

    You are the best library teacher in the whole world. Thanks for teaching us. You taught me how to read books.

    From Adam T 3by

  5. I agree Adam with your comment about Miss Yeomans. St Martin’s is so lucky to have the best Teacher- Librarian in the whole wide world at our school. We are lucky because Miss Yeomans shares her knowledge and skills with us and empowers us to go to the next level with our learning. Miss Yeomans is my number 1 resource on my personal learning network. Thank you Miss Yeomans for being the best and fo helping all of us to learn and grow.

  6. Hi Adam

    Thank you for your lovely comment. I think I’m so lucky to have worked with you in the LRC from when you started in Prep. I have watched you learn to read and helped you to choose books. It makes my heart sing when you now visit the LRC in your own time to track down a good book or ask for a recommendation. Keep up your wonderful reading Adam!

    Miss Yeomans πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Kim,

    What a fantastic idea to have a library blog. I haven’t seen many blogs like this. It’s terrific and you should be very proud of your hard work.

    I notice you had an article about the importance of teacher librarians. I agree! You are so lucky to have a teacher librarian at your school. We haven’t had a teacher librarian at our (government) school for many years. In all the time I have been at the school, we have just had a library technician. She’s great but isn’t able to provide a program at all for the students. I’m glad to hear that the government is looking into this.

    Keep up your excellent work!

    Kathleen McGeady

    P.S. Congrats to Mrs Collins on your wonderful displays. You are a talented artist!

  8. It is so nice to see St M on the web. My connections to St M started as a 4 year old in 1969 starting school there and then watching my nephew and niece spend all their primary years with you (much later of course).

    Now I am teaching in another area of Melbourne and thrilled to see Web 2 opening the doors to your classrooms too – looks great from here. I hope our classes can collaborate as we try to connect beyond our doors

  9. Yes this is so true the LRC is the place to be. I love going to the Library and borrowing a great book. It is like the world of books in How to Live Forever!
    The library is so colourful and modern it’s really cool!

    From Laura

  10. First of all, thank you so much for being one of the first to comment on my little Year8 group’s class blog.

    They were truly amazed to have a response from the other side of the world. Online learning is a little slow to take off in my school and they don’t all have internet access at home.

    When I read about a library / LRC with the vibrant presence and programme of activities yours obviously has, it quickens my heart.

    Here in the English Doncaster (I believe Melbourne has its own version) our library services are seriously under threat, hence my most recent blog post:


  11. This is such a great idea!
    I wish this was my library when I was at school all those years ago.
    We’d love to collaborate sometime about books and what we are reading.

    Mr KT and Middle K.
    Bellaire Primary School

  12. Lara says she loves borrowing interesting books every week.

    Patrik thinks the Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a great series. He’s up to book 4 and is waiting on 5…..


  13. Hey Miss Y!

    Thank you for the compliments and constructive criticism. This is my 1st year of blogging, I started in September!

    I will try to take your advice and add interactive activities to enhance my blog for my readers. I have recently tried to upload a video I made at a special program through my school, (the same one where we were challenged to make a poem about ourselves β€˜I Am.’

    The movie is about word poverty, I showed it to my class and it just so happened that the same time I showed it, some people from an organization called β€œCanadian For For Children” saw the video and they liked it! (they were coming to talk to my class to talk about the organization.)

    After making some modifications to try to include the organization (e.g. adding pictures of what the organization has done for the less fortunate) I ended up making some copies for them and they are showing it to schools they go to. I was pretty proud of that.

    Now I just have to get it on my blog (;
    Thank You for commenting!

    P.S: Oh and if you are interested you can visit my teacher’s – Mr. Pepper- blog at
    I think you may be interested in it.

    Keep on commenting… by the way I added you to my blogroll, you have a very nice and interesting blog! I will definitely recommend your blog to my teacher!


  14. Hey Miss Y,
    I will talk to Mr. Pepper about Vimeo, I have never heard about it… I also have a question, how do you add a ‘Subscribe’ option? You see I have only been blogging for 3 months so I am not entirely sure how to do everthing, though I try my best. If you could get back to me on that, that would be great… I think a subscription option would be another way of enhancing my blog!

  15. Hi Miss Y,

    It is wonderful to see another library blog. I only began ours this year so am still learning. I love your page on Ripper Reads. It is such a great way for students to post comments in a positive meaningful way. I also love your book trailers. A great blog I will keep coming back to. Thanks

  16. I’ve just spent some time browsing the PRC website Kim! It’s great! What an interesting, comprehensive blog you’ve created for your school.

    We launched MGSLibrary blog just last week and are looking forward to developing it over coming months.

    Thanks so much for your contribution to the School Library Blogosphere! We look forward to learning from you!!

  17. Hi Bev

    Thanks for visiting our LRC blog.

    Good luck with your MGS Library blog. It’s great to have another Library sharing the wonderful things they do! I’ll look forward to visiting your blog…

    Kim πŸ™‚

  18. Hi Kim,

    Wow! Your library blog is amazing. I agree with Kathleen that it is rare to see a library blog. Good on you for creating this wonderful platform for sharing the learning at SMOT. I can see that it helps bring learning alive in your LRC. I also love the displays created by Mrs Collins…maybe I could come and visit your library one day seeing as we are ‘neighbours’.

    I love the post about Hugless Dougless that you recommended to me and I will use it next week with my class – thanks for sharing, I am so glad you are part of my PLN.

    By the way did you know that I went to SMOT as a student?

    Sue (missw)

  19. Hi Sue

    Thanks for visiting our LRC Blog!

    There aren’t a lot of primary Library blogs because sadly many principals are choosing not to employ teacher librarians for their primary school libraries…

    I couldn’t imagine life in the Library without our LRC Blog these days. It’s a great way for me to share book news with our students, share our work with others and I also regularly teach from it.

    We’re very lucky to have Mrs Collins to create wonderful displays for our LRC.

    If you went to SMOT as a student then you will be VERY surprised tp see it now! The old library and hall have been demolished and are being replaced with a new library, lab and 3 classrooms. We also have a hall where the undercroft use to be.

    You are most welcome to come down the road for a neighbourly visit…perhaps when we have finally moved into our new LRC!

    Kim πŸ™‚

  20. Hi Kim,

    I agree it is sad that teacher librarians are not valued in some schools, we definitely still need you skilled professionals! I could not imagine life without a blog now either. It is such a great tool to enhance teaching, increase student engagement and home/school links. Like you, I have recently begun to teach from it and I love it. Last week I had a ‘gold’ statement from one of my Preps. When I was trying to remember something he piped up and said, “I know what it is, you haven’t talked to us about our blog this week!” I loved it and it is proof of how embedded it is becoming in our daily life at school.

    I have seen the building works at SMOT from afar but would love to come and look soon.

    Thanks Kim


  21. Hi Miss Yeomans
    I am soon going to make a book again.
    May you please be my first reader
    from Marcus Ca 3s

  22. Hi Marcus

    I remember all of the wonderful books you used to make for me to read and keep in the old LRC!

    I’m excited to know that you are going to be writing a new book. It would be an honour to be your first reader! I can’t wait to see what your story is going to be about…

    Miss Y πŸ™‚

  23. Miss Y
    Iam going to start looking at the Aboriginal history tonight.
    I am calling the book “My Aboriginal Idea”
    I am going to make the book to bring my ideas to save the Aboriginals.
    from Marcus Ca

  24. Hi Marcus

    It is a great idea to be doing some research for your story. I’m very interested in reading about your ideas to save the Aboriginals.

    Let me know if I can help you in any way with your story.

    Miss Y πŸ™‚

  25. Dear Miss Yeomans,
    Have you been to the lego exibition at Fed Square?
    If you havent been yet, do you want t go ??
    From Jess.P and Emily.A 6SC

  26. Dear Miss Yeomans,
    I know you have a dog called Jambo, but do you have any other pets ?
    If you don’t are you planning on getting another pet ?
    From Jess.P 6SC

  27. Hi Jess

    I’m happy just having Jambo to look after for now. He keeps me busy looking after him! (People tell me that I spoil him!!)

    Do you have any pets? If not, what pet would you like?

    Miss Y πŸ™‚

  28. Dear Miss Y,

    I was just letting you know that the new school building looks really good. I like the shape, size and colour. I hope you like it too. My sister can’t wait to get her new classroom and I can’t wait to see inside the new school library.
    I would like to ask if Jambo is going well

    Georgia P 4E

  29. Dear Miss Yeomans,

    Are you enjoying your holidays so far ??

    I used to have 1 dog, 2 birds and 6 fish but our dog ran away, our fish died and our 2 birds disappeared , well… we came home one day and the birds were gone so we don’t know what happened to them !! πŸ™
    So, no I don’t have any pets at the moment but, we are thinking of getting one sooner than later πŸ™‚
    I love the new building. How exciting is it getting a new and fresh LRC.
    i”m look forward to moving in to my new classroom as well.

    From Jess.P 6SC

  30. Hey Miss Y,
    Just want to know if you did or do have any other pets and which one is your favourite??
    Georgia P 4E

  31. Hi Georgia

    You will get a surprise when you get to school on Monday because they have started to put up the walk way that will join the Senior building to the new building.

    Jambo is going well thanks. He has enjoyed having me home so he can snooze inside where it’s warm on his cushion. He jas also liked going for walks during the day instead of much later when I get home from school (me too!)

    I hope you’ll love the new LRC…

    Miss Y πŸ™‚

  32. Hi Jess

    Your family hasn’t had much luck with your pets! I hope you can get another pet when the time is right. What pet would you like?

    I’m sure all of the Grade 6s are looking forward to their new classrooms!! It will be exciting to be in new classrooms before you leave SMOT! We will be neighbours because I’ll be upstairs!

    Miss Y πŸ™‚

  33. Hi Marcus

    You can put your books in my Orange Bucket at the Office OR you can keep them until library starts in two weeks.

    Hope you had a great holiday!

    Miss Y πŸ™‚

  34. Hi Miss Y,

    Just wondering if you know when the new library is going to be finished? Thanks

    Georgia P 4e

  35. Hey Miss Y

    Just wondering what is your favourite book and author and why?
    Also did you choose the colour of the new library and why did you choose orange?
    Lucky last, have you got any books in the new library and are there heaps or not many?


    Georgia P 4e

  36. Hi Georgia,

    So many questions!

    The LRC is ready to use, but we have to wait for the builders to finish their work so it is safe for us to be in the building.

    I didn’t choose the orange colour, the architect chose it!

    I have far too many favourite authors and books to be able to choose!! As a little girl, Enid Blyton and The Magic Faraway Tree was a favourite of mine.

    The books we had in the old LRC are in our new LRC and I will be ordering more new books now we have moved.

    Looking forward to seeing you in the new LRC Georgia!

    Miss Y πŸ™‚

  37. Hi Miss Yeomans

    The new LRC is exciting. I have been on the three times this so far this year. Over all I hope that you’re having a graet time.

  38. Hi Finbar

    Thanks for your comment. I’m glad to hear you have been enjoying visiting our LRC Blog. I hope you find lots of interesting things to read and do on our blog.

    Miss Y πŸ˜€

  39. Hey Miss Y,
    Thankyou for answering my questions. Sorry there were alot! I would LOVE a puppy dog, a girl Golden Retriever
    called MARLEY!!!

    Georgia P

  40. Dear Miss Yeomans,
    I love all the new features in the new library !
    I really enjoy sitting on the pillows in the corner of the library reading my book.

    You must be proud of yourself for all the effort and hard work you put into making the new library even better than I thought !!


    From Jess.P 6SC

  41. Hi Jess

    Thank you so much for your lovely message – it means a lot πŸ™‚

    I’m so pleased to hear that you like the new LRC so far. I’ve now added our new cushions to the reading area as well as unwrapped the ottomans so I hope everyone enjoys reading there!

    It has been a lot of planning and work, but I really want our LRC to be the best it can be because we have waited SO long for it…

    Miss Y πŸ™‚

  42. Hi everyone.
    You have a terrific and most interesting blog. I particularly enjoyed the pictures of the kangaroo in your yard. There was a head hanging out of a window that I recognised(Yes you Mr Dom!!). My family home was just around the corner from SMOT and I did my very first teaching round there in 1979. My how it’s changed. Next year I will have a Grade 1 and am interested in beginning to blog so I’m sure I’ll pop back for some ideas. Merry Christmas to you all.

  43. Hey Miss Y,

    Just saw the trouble you had with the flood over the holidays!
    Let me know if you need a donation to help replace damaged books =]

  44. Hi Apollo

    Thank you for your generous offer! At the moment we have been very fortunate to have most of our damaged books covered by insurance. I’ll be sure to let you know if you can help us.

    Miss Y πŸ™‚

  45. Dear Miss Y,

    Hi, I am Millie from 4KJ. You have a very nice blog and I especially like the background.

    Your school sounds like a lot of fun. I would love to come and visit it one day.

    Millie 4KJ πŸ™‚

  46. Hi Millie

    Thank you for visiting our library blog.

    Our background is actually a photo of one of our student’s work. We used Google’s idea…we had to design a page for the word READ. I really liked this one!

    Our school is a lot of fun and next time you come to Melbourne with your family you are welcome to visit. I’m sure you also have a wonderful school and you have two fabulous teachers there – Mrs Morris and Mrs Jordan!

    Miss Y πŸ™‚

  47. Dear Miss Y,
    I was wondering if you know the movie Corpse Bride? if you do… do you think you can get the for the LRC. I love the movie, my favourite character is Emily (Corpse Bride) and she is very pretty. also… maybe if you can take a photo my drawing of Emily, my mum says it looks exactly the same!!!!!! I’d love the LRC to see the drawing. πŸ™‚

    from Patrick πŸ™‚

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