Design-an-Alien Competition

When I saw author Adrian Beck and illustrator Heath McKenzie had a ‘Design-an-Alien Competition’ for their latest book The Alien Zoo…and You, I knew our three Year 4 classes would be up for the challenge!

The prize for the winner was to have their alien brought to life by Heath McKenzie and featured in Alien Zoo 2!! The challenge was on…

We looked at the alien creatures Adrian and Heath had already created in The Alien Zoo…and You. We talked about how we could mix up animals to create our own alien creatures for the Alien Zoo – what they could look like, how they could move, special features or characteristics etc and then everyone got to work designing their own alien creatures. 

The Year 4 students were excited to see some of their aliens feature in Adrian’s video updates of the entries he had received.

Adrian shares some entries with Lauren Phillips and Shane Crawford from Kids’ WB.

Adrian looks at more entries with author Felice Arena.

Today the winner of the Design-an-Alien Competition was announced by Adrian and Heath. They had over 300 entries from around Australia which made it an incredibly difficult decision to choose only one winner!

Congratulations from our Year 4 students to the winner, Will (from another school) for designing an awesome ‘Octorg’. We will look forward to seeing it in Alien Zoo 2

Thanks Adrian and Heath for your fun competition and encouraging so many kids to unleash their creativity!

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